08/20/22 Plant-based milk tastes as cow's milk

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Coffee with full-fat plant-based milk could deceive even the biggest „milk lovers“.

- Ban Jelačić Square, August 22nd, 11 o’clock: Animal Friends Croatia invites everyone to celebrate the Plant Milk Day

World Plant Milk Day, everywhere in the world, is celebrated on August 22nd aiming to highlight the advantages of plant-based dairy products for the environment, own health and animal welfare in the dairy industry. Animal Friends Croatia this year that day will celebrate by providing free coffees and samples of various plant-based kinds of milk at Ban Jelačić Square on August 22nd starting from 11 o’clock. They will also serve full-fat milk for tasting and all interested will be able to be informed on plant-based milk’s advantages from respective visuals.

The plant-based milk's high popularity in Croatia is evidenced by the fact that in larger supermarkets you can find around 50 different types, made from different grains, legumes and nuts (e.g. soy, almond, oat, rice), and also different flavors (chocolate or vanilla) and for various purposes. Therefore, more and more available are so-called barista plant-based milk for coffee and great attention among “milk lovers” caused also the new oat milk with various percentages of fat – full-fat and also low-fat, that tastes like cow’s milk. Also, the increase of other dairy plant-based products is visible on a daily basis and store shelves and catering establishment menus offer almost all substitutes for animal products – from plant-based milk, cream and whipped cream to cheese and ice cream.

„Cows are animals whose bodies are most intensively exploited for human consumption, and male calves as unwanted byproducts of this industry end up in the production of veal. Cow milk is not intended for human consumption, but for the calves, same as human milk is intended for human children, the reason why it is not natural to drink it. Besides that, the dairy industry causes a large consumption of drinking water and other resources and is a major polluter of the environment“, Animal Friends Croatia state pointing out the fact that plant-based food is a natural and safe source of calcium and other necessary nutrients.

„The use of plant substitutes for milk and dairy products is a big step that has a significant impact on the health of the individual, but also on reducing of one’s own carbon footprint and preventing cruelty towards the animals” they added, once again inviting all to the celebration of the World Plant Milk Day at home, in their favorite café that offers plant-based milk or with their company of friends at Ban Jelačić Square.

All will be able to taste various plant-based kinds of milk and plant-based cheeses, yogurt, and ice-cream also at the 14th ZeGeVege Festival that will be held on September 23rd and 24th at Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb.

Animal Friends Croatia recommends an interesting video about plant-based milk on YouTube-channel www.youtube.com/afcroatia.

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