05/19/23 Greener, Healthier and More Compassionate June with the 12th VeggieFair

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Animal Friends Croatia announce a green oasis at the European Square

- 3rd June from 8 am until 9 pm: educational program, rich street food offers, various tastings

How much veganism has become mainstream and attractive to all can will be possible to see also at the 12th VeggieFair where numerous exhibitors and restaurants will offer the visitors a rich choice of vegan produce, ready-to-eat meals and cosmetics that are not tested on animals. From T-shirts with compassionate messages to vegan cheeses and sausages and all up to organic products of small ecological producers. – something for everyone will be found at the VeggieFair.

Animal Friends Croatia invites all wanting new information, tastings, a good atmosphere, healthy food, or so-called vegan street food to join them on June 3rd, 2023. from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the European Square.

Exhibitors are preparing various promotions, and about the advantages of veganism, you will be able to hear also from the host Sara Mešin and read from the educational panels. Some of them will also be placed on the Ban Jelačić Square in order to lead the visitors towards the European Square, unless they are not, prior to that, attracted by the smells of freshly roasted burgers, sweet potatoes, falafels and tasty stews seasoned with Indian and Japanese spices.

After review of the exhibitors' offers, the visitors will be able to sign the petitions, dance to the respective music, inquire about volunteering at the organizer’s stand, but also rest at the restaurants’ tables underneath the parasols and certify that the vegan food – is the food for all.

12th VeggieFair is also an announcement for the 15th ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living that will be held on 1st and 2nd September 2023, also at the European Square. The goal of both events is to bring veganism closer to visitors as a compassionate way of life with which we do not give up anything (especially not delicious food) but gain a lot. Namely, the vegan movement is also connected with sustainable living, care for our planet, ecology and animal protection.

„Veganism, in many ways, benefits the animals, the environment and our health as it implies a healthier diet and lifestyle. It has been proven that a diet with whole and varied foods of exclusively plant origin helps the gut microbiome, reduces inflammations, lowers higher cholesterol and high blood pressure, enhances the immune system and reduces the risk for many chronic diseases such as coronary and heart diseases, diabetes type 2, strokes and certain types of cancer. It is no wonder that more and more people choose to remove animal original products from their diet and cosmetics. Increase of vegan products is also visible to everyone and we are very happy that we will be able to present all of this turning the European Square into a real small green, compassionate and healthy oasis”, Animal Friends Croatia state.

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