12/19/11 Holiday Veggie Recipes

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Animal Friends wishes everyone all the best with tasty dishes

- Thirteen vegan delicacies as a suggestion to citizens for meatless holidays

What to stuffed cabbage, "aspic," horseradish sauce and poppy seed roll have in common? They are, along with nine other delicacies, part of the collection of vegan recipes which Animal Friends recommends to everyone for the upcoming holidays!

This year Animal Friends has decided to encourage citizens to spend the upcoming holidays in the full sense of the word in love and compassion, by preparing and tasting some of the suggested recipes. Gordana Hecimovic, the hostess of the cooking workshop and Animal Friends volunteers have picked out, prepared and photographed favourite holiday dishes, to show that every one of us can celebrate holidays without meat and other animal based goods.

Creamy beans and barley winter soup is an ideal hot side dishes for winter holiday mood, after which a seitan roast with potatoes with carrot and celery salad and horseradish sauce as side dishes, French salad combined with breaded soy medallions, stuffed cabbage made with seitan and boiled grains or vegan "aspic," made with smoked seitan. After these appetizing holiday dishes, well known and loved poppy seed roll cake and walnut roll cake, hazelnut and pistachio strudel, walnut kisses or cupavci (coconut chocolate squares) can be served as dessert.

Not only are all of these recipes veeery delicious, they are completely vegan. Since they do not contain a single animal based ingredient (meat, dairy, eggs or honey) and no animals have suffered to make it possible to prepare them, Animal Friends invites everyone to mark the holidays with these excellent dishes and a message of non-violence.

Animal Friends will offer citizens some of these thirteen dishes at the tasting on Thursday, December 22, 2011, at 12 noon at the info stall in Varsavska ulica in Zagreb. Citizens will also get brochures with recipes, and they will get all additional information on preparing plant based dishes.

These recipes were picked out to offer those who think they cannot spend the holidays without a roast, stuffed cabbage and traditional cakes, a choice they cannot refuse - tasty homemade dishes, prepared with compassion and love.

All recipes can be found here.

With recipes like these, rescuing animals who usually end up on the holiday menu has never been easier. Enjoy!

The project is being implemented within the Grundtvig project.

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