05/28/20 You love animals? We dare you to try Veggie challenge!

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Animal Friends throughout Croatia put up colorful billboards with strong messages

- They do not bark, do not purr, but want to live - visuals that encourage critical thinking and positive change

The Animal Friends Organisation has put up 60 jumbo posters all over Croatia, which with their cute and vivid visuals and strong messages challenge everyone who loves animals to show it. "Everyone who applies for Veggie Challenge via the application form at www.veganopolis.net will be provided daily in the next 30 days with a bunch of educational information, interesting facts, tips, and recipes of simple and delicious plant dishes through which they will learn about the benefits of veganism for animals, the planet and their own health, ”Animal Friends announces.

They say that some will be attracted by a tiny chicken with cat “ears” and a message: "I don't purr, but I want to live", and some by a cute piglet with dog “ears” with the message: "I don't bark, but I want to live". Some will be intrigued by a cow that says that her milk is for her child, while others will be moved by a cute lamb that invites us all to show how much we love animals.

“Aren’t you overwhelmed by feelings of happiness, love, and tenderness when you see dogs and cats playing? Don’t they relax us all when they come to us, touch us with a wet nose, lick us as a sign of love and gratitude; when they sleep in the funniest poses and yet look like little angels; when they make us laugh to tears with their mischief and look forward to our coming home. If we lived with a cow, chicken, lamb, pig, or any other animal that the majority of people view only as food, we would feel the same thing. Animals accept us and love us for who we are regardless of gender, skin color, religion, or nationality. We can also learn from them how to become better people who will not take care of one animal and eat another because they all love life and freedom as much as we do, ”remind AFC.

They add that we all know that cows, chickens, pigs, goats, sheep, geese, ducks, fish, and other animals have the same needs as people for love, company, and offspring. They equally feel joy, happiness, sadness, and pain, are curious and intelligent, love to play, and are able to show gratitude and even shame. "Just as we love dogs and cats, let's show that we love other animals as well. Let them run merrily across the green meadows or swim in the blue seas, let them feel the warmth of the sun on their skin and the fresh air in their lungs. Let’s not steal milk from calves, eggs from chickens, meat from pigs, and honey from bees. Let us choose the power we have to create a happier world for all, in which there is no room for cruelty, torture, suffering, and death,” the AFC appeals.

They conclude that applying to the Veggie challenge is the beginning of a journey towards a more compassionate, solidary, and selfless life that brings benefits to all. More information on veganism and the unique visuals on billboards, which directly encourage people to think and rethink their eating habits, can be found HERE.

I don't bark but I want to live [ 910.31 Kb ]I don't purr but I want to live [ 821.69 Kb ]show your love for animals [ 876.34 Kb ]My milk is for my baby [ 848.44 Kb ]

I don't bark but I want to live [ 961.86 Kb ]



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