03/11/20 Fish are to be loved, not killed

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Animal Friends Croatia invited everyone to an evening screening of educational animated films about the fish called Jadran

- On March 11th at 6 pm at "Tomislavac" square in Zagreb: Harold said: "Let's fish for compassion"

The evening display, organized by the Animal Friends Croatia on Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 at 6 pm, featured animated films about the fish called Harold, the mascot of the "Respect Our Sea" campaign, created in cooperation with the international organization Eurogroup for Animals. The "Respect Our Sea" project is extremely important and significant since it points to the alarming facts about fish farming and fishing, and to the destruction of marine ecosystems if we continue to treat the oceans and sea animals irresponsibly and arrogantly.

Ninety percent of large fish populations have been exterminated in the last 50 years. "These figures are disturbing and should be a warning to humanity, as well as a wake-up call to urgently change our treatment of fish and the sea," AFC said. Greed and recklessness are the causes of the destruction, exploitation, extermination, exhaustion, enslaving and killing of fish and other sea animals. Scientists have discovered that nearly 1,000 marine mammals - dolphins, whales, and porpoises - die every day after being caught in fishing nets. Sharks, turtles, birds, seals, whales, and non-targeted fish are classified as by-catch and thrown into the sea where they bleed and die.

It is a worrying fact that 2,500 billion fish are killed annually worldwide and that there will be no fish by 2050 if we continue to massively catch and kill them. It is frightening that, because of their unreasonable, unethical and selfish behavior, humans cause the death of 20 times more fish per year than is the total number of people who have ever walked the Earth. "If we don't want the seas to become deserts instead of the places where biodiversity used to flourish, it's time to seriously rethink our way of life and the ways to prevent that," says AFC, adding: "The importance of fish and other marine organisms is invaluable for the survival of all species on the planet, human and non-human alike, and we are all responsible and obliged to contribute to improving the current situation with marine animals."

The series Fish Side Story consists of three animated films: "Breakfast at Harold's", "The Fish of Wall Street" and "Fishman - Far from Home". These educational films, each lasting 30 seconds, communicate the difficult and worrying situation in which fish are today, and indicate that we can help them in a very simple way.

"What happens to fish before they end up on the plate is nothing but great animal cruelty," AFC says, and therefore appeal: "We ask everyone to think before they decide to buy fish meat. Let the message of these animated films be a reminder to all of us that time has run out, and if we don't come around and change our life habits, in 30 years the seas that once abounded in life that belong only to them will be devastated."

Depicting Harold from a human perspective points to the similarities between fish and humans, and the needs we all have in common: the need for food, shelter, intimacy, safety and to care for ourselves and our offspring. Like all fish, Jadran is a social being that plays an important role in the marine ecosystem. Fish, like other species, have their own sense of life that makes their lives as important as ours. AFC wants everyone to "fish" for compassion as they say, "It's best for us, the animals and the planet, to have fish in the sea and vegetables on a plate."

Harold's story is of Croatian production and animated by the Adriatic Animation studio. Educational films from "The Fish Side Story" series are free to use and distribute. How to help fish like Jadran in our sea and around the world, find out at www.veganopolis.net.

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