03/20/15 Meat Means Suffering and Death!

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Animal Friends Croatia are joining Meatout by inviting everyone to respect life.

- A provoking performance on Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb: naked human bodies packaged as meat for sale

On the first day of spring, March 20, Animal Friends Croatia will join over thirty other countries throughout the world that are organizing events on Meatout, launched in 1985 by the non-profit organization Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM). Actions taking place throughout the world on this important day aim at raising public awareness on the benefits of vegan nutrition: helping the animals, achieving a state of excellent health in humans and the society, and saving our planet.

In order to draw public attention to the main reason behind Meatout, the activists of Animal Friends Croatia will themselves become meat. In a poignant performance that will take place on Friday, March 20 at 11:00 a.m. on Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb, two naked activists, packaged in cellophane and meat "containers", will show how human meat would look like if offered for sale in supermarkets. Labels on the packaging will include the price and a warning that billions of animals are being tortured and brutally killed because of human caprice of eating meat. Meat always means suffering and death, regardless of how skillfully one may seek to conceal or justify it. Luckily, the solution is very simple and accessible to all - therefore, the activists will also distribute leaflets with vegan recipes to the passersby.

The meat industry wraps its bloody products in sterile packages, hiding the brutal truth of their origin. During the breeding process, cattle are castrated and dehorned without an anesthetic, chicken have their beaks cut off, and pigs have their canines put out and tails cut, and are castrated while fully conscious. Many animals die of pneumonia, dehydration, exhaustion, or infection. Heavily depressed, animals in the food industry vegetate crammed in dark crates or cages, in which they can barely move. Upon reaching the slaughterhouse after an excruciating transportation, they are hanged on a conveyor belt or thrown into boiling water to die in terror and agony, often while still fully conscious.

Everyone who chooses vegan nutrition on Meatout day will save the animals, prevent deforestation and the overexploitation of water resources for the sake of the meat industry, make an impact to stop world famine, and improve his or her own health. By choosing vegan nutrition as a way of life, one makes a great and important change to the animals, the environment, other people, and oneself, along with enjoying tasty and varied meals made of vegetables, fruit, cereals, and legumes.

Every year, more than 60 billion animals in the world suffer and die for the meat industry. Animal Friends Croatia want to remind everyone that all animals, including humans, consist of flesh, blood and bones, and have the same emotions and basic needs. They invite everyone to decide on the first day of spring to prepare dishes with plant-based ingredients, to renounce their meat-eating habits, and to explore healthy and compassionate nutrition.

For additional information on the devastating effect of the meat industry and delicious meatless recipes, please visit: www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr and www.vegan.hr.

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