01/03/08 I Also Have the Right to Live, Just Like You

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Animal Friends is sending out the message of sympathy, inviting citizens to stop eating animals

New billboards of Animal Friends are put up all over the centre of Zagreb in order to give direct message to citizens not to eat animals. A lamb is watching them from the billboard, saying "I also have the right to live, just like you."

Animal Friends wishes to invoke sympathy for all living beings whose lives are unnecessarily taken away in order to produce food that blunts emotions of sympathy and causes the clogging of coronary arteries in men.

It is the look of an animal baby, full of will to live, that should make the passers-by think about how willing they are to spill blood and to dirty their consciousness over something that is absolutely unnecessary and that is bad for their health.

Animal Friends is saying that animals are not here in order to be walking meat stakes; instead, they are emotional beings with the same right to live. There are no excuses for removing the animals from their natural habitats and enslaving them for breeding and killing.

The solution to the problem is obvious from the poster and whoever does not want to participate in torturing or killing of animals, destroying of environment and his/her own health, should choose the meat free diet and do the change that will make this planet more beautiful to all creatures that live here.

Billboards will be there throughout the January to show that awakening of New Year should also be the awakening of consciousness towards animal suffering and our own diet.

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