04/26/22 Meat more dangerous than fossil fuels!

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Ari Ben Dror of Israeli The Good Food Institute pointed out the great impact of meat on climate change

- Strong messages from on-line lectures as part of the conference „With green development against the climate crisis”

As part of the international conference „With green development against the climate crisis” Earth and the Embassy of Israel Resolutions, being held today in Zagreb, strong messages through his online lecture were sent by Ari Ben Dror, Associate Director of Israeli The Good Food Institute (GFI).

In his lecture, Ari Ben Dor explained why the industrial meat production system is the biggest threat to humanity even more dangerous than fossil fuel production. In front of a large audience including also the President of Croatia, Zoran Milanović and Zagreb Mayor, Tomislav Tomašević, he commented on the dangers of animal agriculture due to climate change, loss of biodiversity, food safety, antibiotic resistance, pandemics, and for many other reasons.

Good Food Institute is a non-profit organization working on improving the global food system for the planet, people and animals. Along with scientists, companies and policymakers, their teams are focusing on making plant-based and cultivated meat (e.g. Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat) delicious and more affordable. With their work they promote alternative proteins as an essential required solution for fulfilling the world’s goals on climate, global health, food safety and biodiversity.

Cultivated meat, known as laboratory cultivated meat or pure meat, is manufactured by direct cultivation of animal cells. This production method eliminates the need for raising and killing animals for food. Over the next several decades laboratory meat and direct sources of plant proteins are projected to have a significant part in the market share of 1.7 trillion dollars from the animal meat industry and the fishing industry.

Unlike conventional animal agriculture, for the cultivated versions, 95 percent less land is used and 78 percent less water, and air pollution is reduced even by 93 percent and 92 percent less toxic chemicals are released as well as 92 percent less CO2 equivalent. Cultivated meat is the solution to the environmental disaster caused by the meat industry and also salvation for many animals. That is why more and more environmental organizations and animal protection organizations promote such meat.

One of them is the organization Animal Friends Croatia, which calls all to take the climate crisis seriously and to immediately start with positive changes: „All of us as individuals can tackle today’s major problems such as world hunger, climate changes, water scarcity, deforestation, diseases caused by eating meat, milk and eggs, as well as torturing animals on farms and the horrors of killing in the slaughterhouses. Even the Croatian Parliament passed the so-called Low-carbon Strategy encouraging higher consumption of plant-based food. With each day, the production technology of plant-based and cultivated meat is advancing, as well as their availability in stores and in fast-food restaurants, and vegan versions of traditional and modern dishes are being accepted by more and more people. Vegan diet is the formula for our sustainability on this planet and it is important to talk about it.”

„As Bruce Friedrich noted in his lecture, eating meat is the same as cooking nine plates of pasta and throwing away eight of them! Just as the world changes the way of energy production and car production, we have to change the way meat is produced. Alternative proteins reduce greenhouse gases associated with meat production. The plant-based meat production and its cultivation from cells offer humanity a chance to create a carbon-neutral, efficient and secure food system in times of being challenged with increased global demand for resource-intensive meat. More precisely, governments should fund the research and entrepreneurship in this field, create scientific innovation centers and encourage research, development and form the private sector focused on alternative meat production methods”, concluded Ari Ben Dor.

His entire lecture is available here: https://youtu.be/ZyY_6NQuRIY.

Rezolution Earth - lecture Good Food Institute [ 36.82 Kb ]

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