11/14/13 Let's Beat Diabetes with a Plant-Based Diet

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Regarding World Diabetes Day Animal Friends informs about the efficiency of plant-based diet in preventing and treating diabetes

In order to encourage citizens to reduce their intake of food from animal origin and increase their consumption of food from plant origin, as well as bringing attention to the direct link between diet and diabetes, Animal Friends will send every hospital a poster containing the food pyramid "With plant-based diet to health."

The food pyramid that promotes healthy habits and gives useful information about vitamins and minerals in fruit, vegetables, grains, pulses and seeds, has been checked by Dr Dubravka Novotni, with a BA in nutrition. The information and guidelines have been adjusted for general use. They are aimed at everyone regardless of diet type, in order to encourage increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Research from the year 2000 that was done in 40 different countries confirmed that higher amounts of meat and milk in one's diet increases one's risk of developing diabetes. The risk is smaller by 45% for those not eating meat, and just one meal containing meat per week can increase the risk by 74%.

Other research also shows that a plant-based diet can prevent and treat heart disease, colon cancer, lung cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, kidney failure, hypertension, obesity and many other illnesses. A vegan diet is an effective in treating and preventing diabetes and protects from degenerative illnesses. Those diagnosed with type 1 diabetes will have to take insulin for life, however, a vegan diet minimizes the dosage and decreases the risk of complications, whilst those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can become completely free of this illness.

By removing all kinds of meat, fish, dairy products and eggs from one's diet, one can avoid a significant amount of fat which improves the work of cells and makes kidney function easier. Cholesterol is not consumed and the risks of heart and circulation problems are reduced.

With taking vitamin B12, through supplements or eating food that is rich in this vitamin, a balanced vegan diet contributes to illness prevention, makes diabetes type 1 easier to cope with and can completely cure an illness when it comes to type 2 diabetes.

Additional information can be given by MSc in nutrition Ivana Simic.

Poster  'Plant based diet for health' [ 570.68 Kb ]

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