10/09/17 Invisible Animals, Invisible People

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Animal Friends invites you to an inspirational lecture as part of the exhibition "About Animals and People"

- Oct 10th at 6 P.M., Ethnographic Museum: the charismatic Vedran Romac on our treatment of animals

Within the lecture cycles at the Ethnographic Museum, Zagreb (Mazuranicev trg 14), which thematically follow the exhibition "About Animals and People", social worker and animal rights activist Vedran Romac will hold a lecture titled "Invisible Animals, Invisible People" on October 10th, 2017 at 6 P.M.

Romac generated a great amount of awareness with his previous lecture in the same museum, when he told the tale of the happy cow and the cheerful calf - enlightening the audience about the terrible suffering cows endure in Croatia and the killing of calves because of milk. All those who have heard his presentation know that he is a passionate, compassionate and charismatic lecturer, whose ability to transmit the grim reality of these animals' lives leaves none indifferent; everyone is touched and wants to learn more.

His upcoming lecture will draw awareness to the fact that these animals, though hidden far out of sight on farms and slaughterhouses, are not objects or products. They, like humans, also feel pain. He will also show how, by changing ourselves, we directly change the fate of animals.

We are all aware (often through personal experience) that the natural ability of children to link and associate with animals languishes under strong social influence. The smallest social unit - the family - is responsible for the transfer of all social norms. It reflects an image of itself, sending children with that ingrained image into everyday environments, from school at early age, and later to the adult environments where the person will spend the rest of their life.

Apart from the stories about personal growth and change, the lecture delves into the work of experts from the areas of medicine and psychiatry, like Dr. Gabor Mate, Dr. Pete Walker, Sam Vankin and others, who are the leaders and authors on specific areas of addiction, personality disorders, and complex post-traumatic stress disorders, which emphasize important links that demonstrate our civilization’s relationship towards animals is a pathological process with extraordinarily dire consequences at a collective level.

Animal Friends invites everyone to join us for this interesting and educational lecture and discover more about animal rights.

Vedran Romac lecture- Invisible animals, invisible people [ 306.96 Kb ]Vedran Romac lecture- Invisible animals, invisible people [ 240.18 Kb ]Vedran Romac lecture- Invisible animals, invisible people [ 37.10 Kb ]

Vedran Romac- Marija Feldi photography [ 460.50 Kb ]A girl and a cow [ 200.25 Kb ]



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