09/16/09 Veggie Challenge

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Animal Friends and Lush challenge you on a Veggie Challenge

There is a significant raise of awareness about the health, ecological and ethical reasons to go veggie. Many are the reasons for a meatless diet, and the impact of animal breeding for food on climate changes is another reason to switch on the sustainable diet. The veg(etari)an diet is not only compassionate, but also from an ecological and health point of view more acceptable.

Since with our decisions, choices and activities we leave an footprint on the planet we are living, Animal Friends invites everyone to discover the advantages of the veg(etari)an diet for ten days. Everyone is invited to accept the Veggie Challenge and from September 18, the ZeGeVege Festival, to October 1 which is World Vegetarian Day, be a vegetarian or even better a vegan! The registrations for the Veggie Challenge can be submitted on the ZeGeVege Festival or on the web sites www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr and www.zegevege.com.

The goal of the Veggie Challenge is to demistify the veg(etari)an diet, popularize ecological, health and ethical values of the veg(etari)an lifestyle and to show to the public that tasty and healthy food, as well as the quality cosmetics, do not have to be of animal origin. The first ones to register for the Veggie Challenge will get a book The Livewire Guide to Going, Being and Staying Veggie by Juliet Gellatley, while the ending of the Veggie Challenge will be on October 1 celebrated with aromatic suprises.

Animal Friends, Iva Suletic and Ida Prestar will from 11 A.M. to 12 noon on Wednesday September 16 on Ban Jelacic Square invite everyone to visit the ZeGeVege Festival and join the Veggie Challenge, handing out vegan cookies. Petra Nizetic and Iva Sulentic already announced their participating in the Veggie Challenge, while others celebrities are also expected to do so.

The Lush company, which does not test its products on animals, is the initiator of the Veggie Challenge. The experience of participating in the Veggie Challenge will be spiced up to all participants by Lush's practical advices about the veg(etari)an diet and tasty recipes on the web site www.lush.hr and the Facebook page Lush Croatia where one can also find a registration form.

Everyone who visits the ZeGeVege Festival on September 18 on Ban Jelacic Square will have an oportunity from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. to experience the variety and richness of flavor of the vegan diet while tasting meatless dishes at promotional prices (10-18 kuna).

Producers of health food and eco-agriculturers will have a tasting of vegan products on their stalls. The public will be introduced to the offer of ethical products of the companies which do not test cosmetics and cleansers on animals as well as eco-products which help us in our everyday life to prevent damage of the environment and animals as far as possible.

The whole day there will be an oportunity to get a free make-up, while children will through play learn about the importance of sustainable living. By signing the petitions for the introduction of vegetarian meals into public institutions and for the ban on plastic bags, visitors of the Festival will be able to directly make a change.

Three books will be presented on the ZeGeVege Festival – Skinny Bitch by Kim Barnouin and Rory Freedman, Milky Way by Nick Sutton and Speciesim by Joan Dunayer, the latter one being also promoted on 6:30 P.M. in the Open University Zagreb, Vukovarska 68.

Besides the exhibition, graffitting, video projections and the like, many happenings are awaiting the visitors of the ZeGeVege Festival like performance of the home theater Skripzikl, singer Elma, the etno choir Cipkice, the dance groups Adami, Senzala and Zuzana, the art group Artistika, the bands Voodoo Lizards, Fini sapuni and Dzeneration 81, and singers Ivana Radovnikovic, Lea Dekleva, Meri Jaman i Anite Valo (Meritas), Jelena Radan i Luka Nizetic.

The sponsors are Alpro, Arto, bio&bio, Bistra, Cherry Blossom, Cro-A-Porter, Encian, Europlakat, Kerschoffset, Iskon, Labud, Libertis, Lush, Macrocruise, MBM, Meridian, Omegol, Philips, PIO, Vectordesign, Vegehop, Zale, while the exhibitors are Advent, Algoritam, Annapurna, Avon, Biomedis, Biovizija, Dvostruka duga, Eco-Positiva, Eko proizvod, Eko igracke, Eco-natura, Encian, Ganesa, Gea, Glas zivotinja, Greenergo, Klub mladih tehnicara Dubrava, Labud, Lush, Mala performerska scena, Melvita, Omegol, OPG Oreskovic Lavanda, OPG Vladimir Sinko, OPG Marijan Radanec, OPG Violeta Lovrec, OPG Vlado Posel, Oriflame, Pomozimo hrtovima, Repro eko, Roda, Skloniste za napustene zivotinje Dumovec, Sloboda za zivotinje, Tomar, Uriho, Utociste Ianua, Zdruzenje za razvoj miroljubnega kmetijstva, Zmajevna, Zrno.

The program and more information about the ZeGeVege Festival ca be found at www.zegevege.com.

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