10/16/05 McDonald's Destroys Animals, Environment and Your Health

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Animal Friends invites you to a protest on the occasion of the World Anti-McDonald's Day

Animal Friends invites citizens to join them on Sunday, October 16, 2005, in Marmontova ulica in Split at noon, and protest against world biggest fast food chain - McDonald's.

This multinational company, which worldwide feeds a number of people approximate to population of Spain, is repeatedly accused of crimes over animals, of enormous ecological damages, exploit of child workers, manipulation of children, serving of unhealthy food and supporting of world hunger.

McDonald's is responsible for death of millions of animals per year, for their mistreatment and brutal slaughter. There is a direct connection (which McDonald's itself admits) between McDonald's company and destruction of rainforests for making pastures. Deforestation stimulates global warming, leads to extinction of many animal and plant species and forces local people to move away. Meat industry itself causes additional environmental damages, such as water and air pollution and overexploit of natural resources. So it is not coincidence that World Anti-McDonald's Day is marked at the same day as the World Day of Food.

McDonald's is also being accused for not using food containers made from recycled paper and for not recycling containers after being used. In Croatia not one of the containers from McDonald's restaurants has been recycled but all ended up in dumpsters with all other waste, as they admitted to us in the McDonald's restaurant.

McDonald's favorite target groups are children. Accusations of manipulation with children are one of the biggest problems of that company. Numerous toys and commercials are intended for luring children to the restaurants and help in creating "vicious circle" passed from parents on their children, then on the children's children, and so on. Attracted with cartoon characters, toys, smiling clowns, balloons and "fun" children are ones who significantly boost McDonald's profit. There are numerous reasonable doubts that toys from the Happy Meal are actually made by children workers from the Third World countries.

And if after all this someone still wants to have a meal in these restaurants with unhealthy food, one should be aware of the influence he makes on himself, on his family, on animals and on the planet we live on.

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