12/23/06 Holidays Without Violence

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With holidays on our door, Animal Friends is inviting you to taste stuffed cabbage leaves, roasting, jelly...

The days are approaching when the world will be getting a message of mercy and compassion. But wishing peace, well being and luck, we are forgetting about the everyday suffering of the living beings who pay with their lifes human greed of eating animals and their children.

All animals are born with the need of love, warmth, play and friendship, but instead of that we separate them from their mothers, we confine them into tiny cages where they spend their whole lives waiting to be slaughtered after a long and painful transport, and their bodies to be cut into pieces which people will eat. These days, do not forget the pain, suffering and depression animals bred for food are going trough – because of us.

On December 23, at 12 noon at Petar Preradovic Square in Zagreb, Animal Friends is organizing an action of calling people to spread their love and compassion to animals destined to be brutally killed because of their meat.

The action consists of traditional holiday dishes but which do not contain animal ingredients. The healthy menu shall consist of roasting, stuffed cabbage leaves, jelly, fried soya steak, French salad with mayonnaise without eggs, walnut loaf and poppy-seed cake without eggs and with plant milk.

This tasting has the aim to show to the people that their holiday table can be rich of food, but also rich of compassion of people preparing it.

On the whole-day info stall, citizens will be getting not only the possibility of tasting various food but even a flyer with recipes and other info material.

With compassion for animals, that is kicking unnecessary and unhealthy for our organism animal meat from our diet, we can stop wasting natural resources and we can influence the decrease of hunger in the world, because the bigger the demand for meat, the more people die of hunger. Meat is an incredibly wasteful way of food production because for 1 kg of meat an average 10 kg vegetable proteins are required. Today, the big majority of cultivable earth, that is corn crops, is used to feed animals on farms.

Holidays can be celebrated even without meat. One just has to respect all the living beings. If we preach love and peace, let's be true to ourselves and don’t cause pain to others. Let the last days of this year pass without violence, with healthy and ecologically acceptable vegetarian food. Let animals live!

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