05/31/12 In Order to Eat Someone's Flesh, We Must Kill Our Heart

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Animal Friends' new ad with a lamb from the Island of Pag invites to compassion

- Campaign with a touching image and message in Croatian cities and a vegan food tasting

We live in contradiction. We open up our hearts to culture, art, love, and friendship, yet we close it before innocent living beings who must suffer and who are killed virtually every second. Even though we use advanced technologies, and boast of our intelligence and progress, we keep blocking our minds when it comes to the lives of equally conscious and sensitive beings. We condemn violence and desire peace, yet we participate in genocide and strive to justify the violence that we inflict on animals without reason. We are shocked when it comes to the killing of dogs and cats, but we neglect so many other animal deaths.

For centuries now, lambs have been separated from their mothers on the Island of Pag in order to obtain sheep milk for the production of Pag cheese. Two famous and expensive Croatian brand names have been based on the exploitation of animals, on forceful separation and slaughter of animal children, which is then served under the name of "lamb meat" during important festivities in which humans often celebrate life.

These fluffy, playful, and tender lambs end their lives after 30 days. Shepherds say that, when they come to collect the lambs, both the sheep and their children stop bleating happily, feeling that they are about to be taken on a journey of no return. The lambs are separated from their mothers, loaded on trucks, and taken to the slaughterhouse. Thus these confused and frightened children end up as someone's meal. Each year around 20 thousand lambs are killed only on the Island of Pag.

Besides lambs, humans also kill an unbelievable number of children of other animal species, more than 50 billion of them per year, which causes an immeasurable amount of pain and relentless harm to the resources and the ecological system, contributing to the world famine and damaging human health and the health of human children.

Killing an innocent being is an act of brutality that can have no justification. The taste of meat, especially today, when we have access to a huge number of vegetal foods, cannot justify killing the weak and the children, which we are quick to condemn when it concerns our own species.

Animal Friends invites everybody to embrace compassionate and healthy nutrition, based on vegetal ingredients. The new billboards, which will be placed in the cities of Opatija, Osijek, Porec, Rijeka, Split, and Zagreb, show a lamb taken to be slaughtered, on a photograph shot on the Island of Pag by Duje Klaric/Cropix, and send the message: "In order to eat someone’s flesh, we must kill our heart."

To inaugurate the ad, Animal Friends has organized a tasting of fine vegan dishes, which will take place on Thursday, May 31, 2012, at 11:00 a.m. at Korzo in Rijeka, near Trg Republike Hrvatske. As a part of this campaign, Animal Friends will organize similar tastings in other cities throughout the year.

Campaign "In order to eat someone's flesh, we must kill our heart" was initiated by a citizen of Rijeka, who is very happy after many years of vegan lifestyle and therefore asked Animal Friends to do something more to awaken the empathy of other people. This campaign transmits her message and invites everyone to stop killing animals and feel the peace that comes from clear conscience.

Every one of us has enough compassion and sense to stop the killing that is inflicted on animals, and damages human health and the environment. We must only gather courage to open our hearts for others, to change ourselves in order to make this world a better place to live in.

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