08/18/07 Tourists are Also Vegetarians

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Animal Friends announces vegetarian tastings in Pula, Porec and Krk and appeals to Croatian National Tourist Board

Croatia is a tourist country, but its tourist offer persistently disregards the fact that there are tourists who are vegetarians and while they spend their holidays in Croatia they often end up disappointed with vegetarian menus and will never again visit Croatia regardless of the beauty of its nature and the rest of the tourist offer.

While the number of vegetarians grows day after day, as well as the number of those who simply want to include some meatless meals and items in their menus, Croatian tourist offer doesn't follow this trend.

Even though tourists travel on modern highways so they no more have to look at whole lambs on skewers along the roadside, meatless offer is not much improved. Moreover, vegetarians and the ones who ask for meatless meal are treated as problem guests.

Considering that vegetarians don't eat any animals, many of them don't eat eggs, while vegans don't even eat dairy products, it is shameful that in restaurants along our coast waiters offer them fish dishes what evidently shows the lack of education and general information of our catering industry employees.

According to independent research as many as 73.2% of Croatian citizens believe that the offer of vegetarian food should be improved and that it is very far behind such offer in the European Union. We have to highlight that in Croatia there are over 160,000 of vegetarians (3.7%) while in Germany there are more vegetarians (10%) than the entire population of Croatia. Moreover there is a growing number of people who are not vegetarians but who understand that the meat industry is unsustainable and are therefore turning to meatless diet which considers the interests of animals, environment and own health.

It's easy to imagine how vegetarians, and especially vegan tourists, spend their holidays on the Adriatic coast, how much effort they have to put in and how much trouble to go through for a simple meal. It is highly unlikely they will come back to Croatia ever again.

Therefore Animal Friends, member of the European Vegetarian Union, appeals to the Croatian National Tourist Board in order to encourage development of tourist offer for vegetarians and other tourists with ecological, health and ethical awareness. It is necessary for Croatia to develop in the right tourist and cultural way so it could attract ever increasing number of such guests.

Animal Friends will this weekend again organize vegetarian tastings and info stalls in holiday destinations Pula, Porec and Krk and that way try to encourage some changes in Croatian tourist offer and send a message to tourists that there is hope for those who don't want their every meal to be made from some animal body part as a part of it.

Info stall will be set in Pula on Saturday, August 18, on city market near the fountain and the vegetarian tasting will take place at 11 A.M. Info stand will be set also in Porec on the same day with the tasting at 8 P.M. On Sunday, August 19, info stand will be set on Krk and tasting will be held at 7 P.M.

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