02/17/06 Mad Cow Disease, Trichinelosis, Bird Flu...

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In the moment when the whole world is focused on the battle against ever more notorious bird flu virus, which mutates and threatens with great chances to develop in catastrophic proportions between humans too, Croatia was affected by two more contagious diseases.

The custom of bloody back-yards resulted in eastern Croatia with six people poisoned by consuming the sausages from "cottage industry" contaminated with trichinosis, while the possibility of this number being increased due to the spreading of contagion is not excluded. Is this plausibly the last warning to our authorities and individuals to realize that the custom of back-yard pig slaughter cannot be called tradition anymore but rather a realistic threat to health of all Croatian citizens oriented toward the consumption of animal products?

Or maybe a sensational emergence of the first case of Mad Cow Disease in Croatia, as another rider of modern apocalypse, will tip the scales and decide for all of us to start thinking about what we really eat?

It is beyond doubt that as a society we stepped into a new age in which we reached a point of no return, the age older generations could not even dream of. And we are not talking here about the nuclear arsenal, Third World War, climate disturbances that could cause a new ice age, but about the age in which our stomachs will be the ones to decide about our fate.

It may be bizarre now to talk about the "revenge of animals," sentient and social beings just like us whom we tyrannized and exploited since the origin of mankind, which, with the appearance of the industrialized breeding, culminated catching our generation - here and now, but the fact is that meat, eggs, dairy and other animal products we consume every day are no longer safe, no matter from what kind of breeding they originate. Either from family farms or factory farming, diseases lurk and spread panic, and eventually take lives.

With the new "euthanasia" programs being prepared (better to say, slaughter of the innocent animals, which will again pay the price of human wantonness with their lives) and other measures of precaution to prevent spreading of contagion, we cannot stop wondering why not reach out for the most simple and most humane solution - return of man to his origins and true nature, that is, vegetarianism.

Vegetarianism, as an ethical, ecological and non-violent life-style, is a life-style humankind is unstoppably heading to, and the sooner we embrace it as our inevitable future instead of opposing it, there will be less victims of our insensitive and nihilistic way of live.



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