08/20/20 Regardless its intention, plant based milk is the best substitute!

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Animal Friends Croatia is inviting to commemorate the World plant-based milk's day and its positive changes

- 22. 8. at 11 AM, at the Ban Jelačić square: try pudding made of soya milk and chocolate or rice milk

Plant-based milk and plant-based versions of diary products conquer markets and consumers around the world, more and more each day, and on August 22nd a World plant-based milk's day takes place. „A goal is to invite citizens on behalf of this day to try something new and find out everything about the positive influence of plant-based milk, cheese and creams onto their health, environment and man's overall relation to animals“ – as stated from Animal Friends Croatia.

They invite everybody to commemorate World's plant-based milk's day and to visit them on Saturday on Zagreb's main square at 11 AM, where they will have the opportunity to try different versions of plant-based milk as well as cakes free from animal products. Those who cannot come, they invite to find numerous variations of widely popular plant-based beverages in their local stores. Animal Friends Croatia is also preparing a game for passersby by their stand, where everyone participating will benefit in some way; respecting all assigned epidemiological measurements at the same time. Cute visuals will send a message to play the game and win a plant-based cheese, that it is not important which is its intention; plant-based milk is the best substitute. They will also ask passersby would they like to have chocolate or vanilla plant-based milk – and those invites will all be formed in funny idioms.

Plant-based versions of so-called diary products are loved by many celebrities: „I am off animal-based milk for so long that is hard for me to speak upon how different I feel since I consume only plant-based milk. But one is for sure: I do sleep much more peacefully by knowing that it has more benefit for my health and the environment both, and not to talk about the benefit it has on animals“ – as explained by a known director and choreographer and a long term vegan Igor Barberić. His favorite is soy milk, and he uses it in his coffee, tea, and baking.

„Plant-based substitutes for milk are one of the most significant steps one could undertake in order to decrease his influence on the planet and the environment as well as to stop cruelty unnecessary done to animals“, as stated from Animal Friends Croatia by pointing to the fact that plant-based food is a natural and safe source of calcium and all other necessary nutrients. They also state that people who abandoned milk and dairy products from their diet testify to have more energy, better digestion, decreased sense of bloating, purer skin, less inflammation, and lessened symptoms of asthma and sinus inflammation. Besides a positive influence on our health, by changing dietary habits we are also making an influence on our planet's health – a greenhouse gas emissions are reduced as well as water consumption, water, and soil pollution with ammonium and deforestation are stopped as well.

Considering that 65% of the world population has lactose intolerance, and plant-based milk not only is lactose-free but also free from cholesterol, it is a true blessing to try and taste a truly great offer of plant-based milk made from soy, rice, coconut, oat, hazelnut, almond or cashew, which are available in most of the stores and many bars. With milk, we have more and more plant-based versions of other animal milk products such as plant-based cheese, yogurts, and creams, spreads, ice creams, whipping creams, etc. Everyone can find something for themselves, and the possibilities for implementation and experimenting in our favorite recipes do not reach boundaries.
Cow's milk is best precisely for her baby and it is built for him and him only, by being adjusted with its very structure.

„It is unnatural to drink the milk of other animal species, as well as to drink it in adult age“ – as concluded by Animal Friends Croatia which invites everyone to accept Veggie challenge at www.veganopolis.net and try to - from this World's plant-based milk's day until the great ZeGeVege festival which will be held on 11th and 12th of September – use exclusively plant-based milk, cheese, and other dairy products options.

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