10/04/15 Vegan Picnic at the Lake Bundek

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On the occasion of the World Animal Day with all-day long program and stalls from associations for animal protection

- October 4: A rich all-day program, vegan food exhibitors, many associations for animal protection...

City of Zagreb marks and organizes World Animal Day at Zagreb's lake Bundek on Sunday, October 4, 2015 from 10 am till 6 pm, while Animal Friends Croatia joins with the celebration of Vegan picnic which will be organized as part of the event, and visitors will there be able to have a good time at Bundek during all day.

As part of the already well-known music and entertainment programs for children and adults, their work will be presented by many associations for animal protection and the novelty is the irresistible offer of warm, salty and sweet vegan dishes. Thirteen exhibitors will offer pancakes, raw cakes, chocolate brownies, stews, sandwiches, hot dogs and other delicious meals in which citizens will be able to enjoy a picnic on a lawn or at tables under the umbrellas. For four-footed animals we will be offering high quality vegan food for dogs and cats. Everyone is welcome!

World Animal Day has been celebrated since 1931, on the day of St. Francis of Assisi, who was the patron of animals and vegetarians. There are many ways to help animals and become their sincere friend by sharing our thoughts about animal rights and what we do every day to help them through social networks. Actively join in for the abolition of exploitation, suffering and animal killing and by changing our lifestyle we directly take part in creating a better world for all animal species.

Croatian premiere of movie "The Witness"

What shouldn't be missed on World Animal Day is the premier of award-winning documentary film "The Witness" on HRT channel 3 at 11pm. The winner of four international film festivals, "The Witness" follows a touching story of construction entrepreneur Eddie Lama which through a concern for one kitten discovers how amazing all the animals are and the way people are strongly connected with them.

World Animal Day ambassadors meeting

On the same day, October 4th, Anita Euschen from Animal Frineds, the ambassador of World Animal Day in Croatia, will present in the city of Trieste activities in terms of animal protection in Croatia with emphasis on compassion for all living beings and ethical way of life. During the three-day event "Trieste Animal Day" from October 3-5, many other representatives will be talking about animals and the need for their protection.

On the occasion of the World Animal Day, Anita Euschen invites everyone to choose how to mark this day and contribute to create a violence free world toward animals. It may be small, but important move for animals, such as buying clothes without animal materials and cosmetics that are not tested on animals, preparing vegan meals, volunteering at the animal protection associations, giving a home to an animal or informing others about activism and animal rights.

Let's make the World Animal Day a great day for animals, the environment, personal health and the health of our families.

Photo Gallery of Vegan picnic at Bundek park

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