07/29/21 On ZeGeVege edible spoons and compostable packaging

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ZeGeVege Festival on September 3rd and 4th again without plastic and in line with sustainable living

At the first ZeGeVege, a petition was launched to ban plastic bags, now banned

Except for the fact that at the 13th ZeGeVege festival everyone can get acquainted with the diverse offer of healthy and ecological plant food, cosmetics that have not been tested on animals, educational books, and clothes made of natural materials, this two-day event also emphasizes sustainable living. Thus, in the offer of the ZeGeVege festival, which will be held this year on 3rd and 4th of September 2021 on the main Zagreb square, there are foods and cosmetics which do not negatively impact the survival of plant and animal species or biodiversity, do not pollute the environment and maintain natural balance and peaceful coexistence of all beings on the planet.

Each one of us changes the world with our daily choices, examples, activities, and attitudes and decides on the destinies of other beings. The sustainable way of life, which we celebrate at the ZeGeVege Festival, is based on a harmonious coexistence with nature, that is, compassion and care for others and for the planet. With vegan nutrition we can save the world from global warming, improve our health, save forests, save water and prevent world hunger, as well as save many lives”, stated Animal Friends, which is a non-profit organizer of the ZeGeVege Festival.

They add that for this reason, ZeGeVege has not used disposable plastic packagings or plastic bags for years. Therefore, in addition to delicious vegan food, visitors will be able to choose from many ecological and sustainable items, such as multiple linen pads and diapers, edible straws and spoons, and cosmetics without packaging such as solid shampoos and soaps. They announce that at the Animal Friends stand one will be able to learn everything about making a step towards sustainable living and do the best possible for nature and sustainability – switch to vegan nutrition, which is truly the diet of the future.

An important step towards sustainable living was made by long-time loyal exhibitors on the ZeGeVege festival, bio&bio stores of eco-products, starting production in compostable packaging. “It’s really great news and a great contribution towards goals of ZeGeVege that by packing into new sustainable packaging they contribute to the lessening of the plastic that ends up in the environment.”, it is said from Animal Friends and they hope that others will follow this example as well.

Jadranka Boban Pejić, director of the company Biovega, who manages the brand bio&bio, emphasized that for the packaging of cereals, legumes, seeds, nuts, and dried fruit of their brand they have first time in Croatia introduced 100 percent compostable packaging that does not contain plastic, that is made out of plant-based materials and entirely degraded. She stated also that they wish to help local producers and develop solutions so that the products on the shelves of their stores would as soon as possible be in compostable packaging: “We decided on this investment because we want, as before, to create a platform for positive change. We believe that it is our responsibility to constantly introduce innovations that lessen the negative impact on the environment.”

“We are very pleased by such positive initiatives among the exhibitors of ZeGeVege festival of sustainable living, which show the strength of educative content and good practice examples. On the first ZeGeVege in the year 2008., we have initiated petitions to ban plastic bags, and this year legal ban on lightweight plastic carrying bags and many disposable plastic items will mark it”, said Animal Friends, pleased with this development, while they announce a new initiative for the ban or at least charging of thinnest plastic bags.

More information can be found at www.zegevege.com.

ZeGeVege festival 2019, photo: Matej Čelar [ 547.39 Kb ]ZeGeVege festival 2019, photo: Matej Čelar [ 619.94 Kb ]

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