03/20/18 Meatout Day was celebrated

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For more than 30 years, the world has welcomed the first day of spring with a call for veganism

- Zagreb, Cvjetni square: tasting vegan food, free doughnuts and comic books for children

Animal Friends association and the citizens’ initiative Vegan Thugz marked Meatout Day in Croatia by treating passersby to vegan delights and giving everyone a chance to taste and feel the benefits of a compassionate lifestyle and diet.

Meatout is traditionally celebrated right at the start of spring. While nature is preparing for a new cycle of life with a steady exit from winter, activists called on everyone to live with compassion for animals by offering a free tasting of delicious food made exclusively of plant-based ingredients.

The citizens’ positive reactions showed there are fewer and fewer prejudices towards vegan diets, and even those easily disappear after the first bite. Vegan food is compatible for everyone, independent of the diet. There are all kinds of variations and all the classic meals can be made without meat, milk, eggs and honey – also becoming healthier, more ecological, and more ethical with that preparation.

Every child that visited the stand tasted a Stella’s doughnut, which is a doughnut in the shape of a pig’s snout, and a picture book. Everyone who wanted to know who Stella is could find out in a touching video, along with Stella’s connections to the animal sanctuary.
Vegan Thugz and Animal Friends association invite everyone who weren’t present during the action in Zagreb to find out how they can start living a more compassionate lifestyle by choosing the plant-based diet by subscribing to the 30-day Veggie challenge.

New culinary adventures, which help animals and the health of humans as well, are just one click away. Spring is time of awakening for nature, so let it also be a waking moment for compassion towards all living beings.

Recipes that don’t contain animal ingredients can be found here, and rest of photos from the event can be seen here.

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