04/14/14 For Those Who Cannot Speak For Themselves

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Animal rights advocate Vedran Romac starts his journey on foot from Osijek to Zagreb

- In the week before and until Easter, 270 km for the lecture on Easter Monday

Certified social worker Vedran Romac, animal rights advocate and lecturer, author of the lecture series "Tales from the Plate" wants to draw public attention to the theme to another of his lectures in a very specific way.

The lecture entitled "Egg Shell" will be held on Easter Monday, April 21, 2014 at 6 P.M., in Esplanade Zagreb Hotel, Mihanoviceva 1. In order to give this lecture, Vedran Romac sets off on foot on his 270 km long trip.

Romac begins his week long walk on Monday, April 14, 2014 at 11 A.M., from the shelter for abandoned animals in Nemetin near Osijek, in order to walk towards Zagreb's Trg bana Jelacica on Easter, April 20, at 7 P.M., and give his lecture the next day.

He picked Osijek as a centre of Slavonia's meat eating habits, and the Association Victories and their animal shelter as a positive connection of good relationship towards animals and spreading "food for peace."

Romac is not a sportsman or hiker but a lecturer who wants to, by undertaking this a for him very exhausting walk and long way, encourage citizens to hear his message of peace and compassion.

Even though he cannot tell if will manage to walk those 270 km in one week and what to expect on the way from Osijek to Zagreb, he is ready to walk for the pigs, cows, chickens and all other animals who cannot speak for themselves, but also for all the people who want to hear the message that could change their view of the world and even the meaning of their existence.

"If an egg shell is broken from the inside - life begins. If an egg shell is broken from the outside - life stops," states Vedran Romac and further explains:

"Created to protect the potential that needs to become a developed life, it breaks when this life is ready to open itself to the world. New life becomes its small new part. Whether it came out of the egg or womb, it takes its first breath, makes its first sound and begins its growth, its path towards that which it should become - a member of a flock, herd, community or an individual, leader, follower, protector or protégée, father, mother, child, brother or sister.

"But in our human world every new non-human life begins or it is already suffocated before its beginning, with label of goods, product and purpose that serves our human kind. Over 60 billion lives per year are cut in advance through our intervention and they will never develop what they carried in their potential. Not one of those lives will be born, will grow, get sick, get well and die on their own terms.

"Oh, if everyone changed, the world would also be better..." is the most frequent sentence nowadays. Also, it is the biggest fallacy and the biggest self fulfilling prophecy with a pre-determined outcome. Because of it the world remains such as it is, even for Easter which as the greatest Christian holiday, marks a victory of life over death.

"But every one of us can change one story: our own. And what happens then? The world around us starts changing. People around us start changing...

"This is new love serving the greatest value and greatest ideal on the planet - life."

Vedran Romac will be passing through the following places and towns: Nemetin, Osijek, Visnjevac, Josipovac, Petrijevci, Valpovo, Belisce, Crnkovci, Donji Miholjac, Viljevo, Cadavica, Slatina, Cabuna, Suhopolje, Cemernica, Virovitica, Korija, Spisic Bukovica, Sedlarica, Otrovanec, Velika Cresnjevica, Bulinac, Severin, Patkovac, Presa, Bjelovar, Rovisce, Markovac Krizevacki, Kustani, Sveti Ivan Zabno, Cugovec, Gradecki Pavlovec, Vrbovec, Martinska Ves, Luka, Greda, Lonjica, Brckovljani, Gornje Dvorisce, Bozjakovina, Dugo Selo, Sesvete and Zagreb, and will create stories with hosts that offer him lodging and refreshments.

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