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September 11th and 12th, 2020.: More than 10 educational lectures and cooking workshops that make a mouth water

Although the ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living had to be canceled due to the impossibility of fulfilling anti-epidemic measures, Animal Friends Croatia has prepared a series of interesting and educational lectures and cooking workshops that will be available on their social networks on Friday evening, September 11, and during Saturday, September 12, 2020. as part of the VegeEDU by ZeGeVege event. "As many people told us that ZeGeVege is their favorite and most important event in September, we decided to mark the dates scheduled for this unique festival, when we celebrate the 19th anniversary of our work, with great online exhibitions and visually attractive scenes in the city center," announced from Animal Friends.

On Friday evening and Saturday, everyone will find something for themselves in a diverse and rich program of 11 lectures and cooking workshops: "We are sure that everyone will be satisfied and that through motivational and educational presentations they will learn more about the harmfulness of plastic, how to live 22 days healthy and compassionate on vegetable fuel, why vegan athletes are successful and lower results, why the animal question is also a feminist question, what is conscious cooking and how to prepare delicious and simple meals with only plant ingredients from which even the biggest gourmands salivate. ”

They state that lectures and cooking workshops are always a highly attended and favorite part of the popular ZeGeVege festival, and this is an opportunity for everyone to see them, from the comfort and safety of their home. Therefore, through VegeEDU by ZeGeVege, they want to provide more information about sustainable living and offer solutions to the causes of the problem instead of constantly dealing with the consequences. In addition to online events, Animal Friends Croatia is also announcing a surprise at Zagreb's Ban Jelačić Square, which will surely attract the attention of many.

"In these 19 years of work, we place emphasis on educating and raising awareness of people by drawing attention to the problem of abandonment and abuse of pets and the suffering of animals in the food industry, laboratories, fur farms, hunting and fishing, entertainment industry..." We raise awareness of animal rights, influence legal changes, and report animal abusers so that as few animals as possible suffer or are killed, a few dogs and cats as possible are cared for by shelters and associations, and so that people change their eating habits to save all cows, pigs, chickens, fish, and other animals, ” said Animal Friends Croatia.

Therefore, the announced events are a great way to get to know the work and goals for which this largest and most active animal protection association in Croatia is fighting, while also learning something new and making positive changes in your life that will benefit not only you but also animals and the planet. . The program of online lectures and cooking workshops is available on FB event.

Program of lectures and cooking workshops that can be followed on FB page of Animal Friends:

Friday, September 11, 2020.:

18:00 Ana Marija Mileusnić (Green Action) - How much is the choice of disposable plastic a vegan choice?
19:00 Association Victory - Super Challenge 22 powered by Super Ljilja
20:00 Katarina Kukučka and Igor Drašković - Ultra trail running and veganism as a lifestyle

Saturday, September 12, 2020.:

12:00 Marie Wasler - From one simple foodstuff to three delicious recipes
13:00 Anita Petrović - How to avoid the first bad experience with tofu
14:00 Ivana Surjan Mitrović - Conscious cooking
15:00 Goran Đurđević - Let's take a look together: prepared ecofeminist collection
16:00 Ivana Martinec - How to be healthy and fit vegan?
17:00 Marko Samardžija - Veganism in professional sports
18:00 Irena Mikšić - Simple, cheap, and delicious fritters from everyday food
19:00 Anita Petrović - Easy and fine: One day on a plant-based diet

Content of lectures and cooking workshops:

Ana Marija Mileusnić (Green Action) - How much is the choice of disposable plastic a vegan choice?

Plastic pollution, in addition to directly harming the environment, is very much contributing to the climate crisis we are currently in. Agricultural engineer Ana Marija Mileusnić, assistant at the Sustainable Waste Management Program in Green Action / FoE Croatia and a member of the Zero Waste Europe network and the global Break Free From Plastic movement, will talk about the responsibility of consumers, packaging companies and fossil fuel industries that is closely related to the plastics industry. She will also talk about how the use of disposable plastic is against vegan principles.

Association Victory - Super Challenge 22 powered by Super Ljilja

Can you live healthy, compassionately, and motivated for 22 days on vegetable fuel? Would you like to learn how to prepare foods such as tofu, tempeh, and seitan? Want to meet a great team and get advice from qualified nutritionists and ideas for a handful of new recipes? Then Super Challenge 22, prepared for you by the Victory Association in collaboration with Animals Now, is the right thing for you! ♥ The first round of challenges recently ended and the response, experiences, and comments were great, and at the lecture listen to what awaits you in the second round and find out why 420,000 people have joined it so far!

Katarina Kukučka and Igor Drašković - Ultra trail running and veganism as a lifestyle

Igor Drašković and Katarina Kukučka have been life partners and vegans since 2010. Both have been active in the animal welfare movement for many years: from volunteering, activism, and donations to investing in vegan companies at an early stage of development. They are big fans of travel, and for the last five years, they have been actively involved in mountain ultra trail running and are active in the local trail community. They participated in numerous world races, from 50 to 339 km. Through the lecture, they will introduce you to ultramarathons, what inspired them and what the preparations, diet, the races themselves and the reactions of the community to vegan ultramarathoners look like.

Marie Wasler - From one simple foodstuff to three delicious recipes

Vegan cuisine doesn’t have to be complicated - in fact, the foods we all have at home are often used and the food is ready quickly. Marie Wasler, an Austrian-born woman who has lived in Croatia for seven years, is known to many because she has already shown in the culinary show "Cooked and Baked" that vegan cuisine can be really tasty and creative. This versatile yoga instructor, food blogger, and a digital marketing expert will now show you how we can make milk, breakfast and biscuits with simple foods like oatmeal. Marie, who has been a vegan for three years, loves to discover different cuisines of the world and enjoys simple dishes, through this workshop, she will teach us that vegan dishes are not only healthy but can also support a zero-waste lifestyle in the kitchen.

Anita Petrović - How to avoid the first bad experience with tofu

Anita Petrović, a veteran of vegan cooking workshops whose dishes always require a bite more, through the story of tofu and its millennial tradition in the East will introduce us to ways to prepare tofu and adapt it to our taste and traditional Croatian recipes such as pumpkin, pirogues or pancakes with cheese. She will also discover the sweet side of tofu in cake creams and biscuit making. She will also look at the cruel practices of the dairy industry.

Ivana Surjan Mitrović - Conscious cooking

Ivana Surjan Mitrović, a certified vegan cook and host of the popular YouTube channel Mama Veganka, will talk about the conscious cooking project. The project shares vegan recipes and tips on how to prepare vegan meals and spreads the message of nonviolence and raises awareness about the impact of our daily decisions on the environment, other people and animals. She will also talk about the environmental impact of the food industry, fair trade that includes improved social standards for food producers and gratitude for everyone involved in the food production process, from the field to the table.

Goran Đurđević - Let's take a look together: an ecofeminist collection prepared

Goran Đurđević, a Croatian archaeologist and historian who currently lives, studies, works and enjoys Beijing, will present the newly created collection "Ecofeminism: between women's and green studies", which he edited with Dr. sc. Suzana Marjanić, and is published by Durieux. This comprehensive collection brings together regional and world authors permeating science and art. In a 20-minute presentation and answering questions, Goran will include the idea, content and review of individual works from the collection, as well as the essence of ecofem, and show why the animal issue is also a feminist issue.

Ivana Martinec - How to be healthy and fit vegan?

Ever wondered what parameters are needed for an optimal vegan diet? In a lecture by Ivana Martinec, a plant nutritionist and fitness trainer, learn how to easily satisfy all the nutrients in your diet. Ivana will also explain how physical activity with a proper diet complements the health spectrum.

Marko Samardzija - Veganism in professional sports

Can vegan athletes be as successful as all other athletes? How do they replace proteins and what is their recovery? In an educational lecture by Marko Samardžija, personal fitness trainer and plant nutritionist, find out why the performance of vegan athletes is at the highest level and what are the benefits of a vegan diet for professional sports.

Irena Mikšić - Simple, cheap and delicious fritters from everyday food

Irena Mikšić is a teacher from Sisak who has not eaten meat for almost her whole life. Life in the province and the poor availability of vegan products have led her to try, combine and create new dishes on her own, and traditionally turn meat dishes into vegan ones. Grandma from the village and grandma from the city and early education in Ayurvedic and macrobiotic food preparation had a huge impact on Irena's kitchen. In this workshop, they will show how to easily and cheaply make fritters from easily available foods. Irena’s wish is for people to realize that vegan food by no means has to be expensive, nor unavailable, nor exotic, nor that hours have to be spent on its preparation, nor is it complicated and by no means, by no means tasteless. The way you prepare food makes it tasty or tasteless, and it’s good to know and combine foods to prepare a balanced meal.

Anita Petrović - Easy and fine: One day on a plant-based diet

Anita Petrović, a longtime vegan and activist, is known to the public as a candidate for the show "Dinner for 5", and everyone who knows her as an excellent master of cooking describes her dishes with the expressions: "perfect", "phenomenal", "divine" ... Using vegan products from the SPAR Veggie line, Anita will show how to quickly prepare a daily menu and dessert. For breakfast, she prepares tofu scrambled eggs with sausages, along with integral pastries, spreads and the obligatory morning coffee with soy milk. For lunch, he suggests sataraš with rice and vegapčić, while after lunch we can treat ourselves to a sweet tofu and lemon strudel. Dinner is simple - gyros wrap with hummus, avocado spread and vegetables. Eating vegan has never been easier, simpler and tastier thanks not only to the abundance of available fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains and seeds but also to the ever-expanding range of ready-made vegan products.

* The sponsor of VegeEDU by ZeGeVege is Spar Veggie.

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