04/23/19 The Chained Dog that Attacked the Young Man Doesn't Deserve to Die!

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Animal Friends appeal to veterinary inspection to give dogs from Podravina the same chance as they gave Otto

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- Dangerous dogs: Provide the possibility of confiscation, socialization, castration and accommodation at the expense of a caretaker

The public is satisfied with the veterinary inspection's decision to enable Otto, who recently attacked five people at Ksaver, socialization and education in Zagreb shelter Dumovec before the final decision to kill. But at the same time they wonder about the fate of two dogo argentino dogs from Podravina. One month ago, a dog in the village of Molve bit a baby, and only a few days later, a chained dog in Ferdinandovac attacked a 15-year-old boy.

According to the Ordinance on dangerous dogs, an unprovoked dog who attacks a person or another dog must undergo education, castration and a test of socialization. "Immediately pronouncing a measure of death would be unlawful unless the attack ends with a deadly outcome for the person. Since the cases of dogs from Podravina have not ended with a deadly outcome, we consider that these two dogs, just like the dog Otto from Zagreb, should get another chance, as it is, after all, prescribed by the Ordinance on dangerous dogs", says lawyer Ivana Lunka from Animal Friends. She adds that, according to unofficial information, the dogs have already been ordered to die despite the fact that the prescriptions of the Ordinance have not been met.

It is particularly problematic that, according to the knowledge of Animal Friends, the dog that attacked a young man in Ferdinandovec should not be subjected to the measures prescribed by the Ordinance on dangerous dogs because the dog was provoked. Namely, according to the testimonies of witnesses who want to remain anonymous, the dog reacted in self-defense because the 15-year-old was hitting him with a stick. Therefore, Lunka points out: "We consider it extremely important that the police and veterinary inspection determine the relevant facts before deciding to kill the dog and to take into account the credibility of the attacked young man. We can expect the dog caretakers to present the dog attack as unjustified in order to remove misdemeanor responsibility for hitting the dog."

All these cases point to the necessity of amending the Ordinance on dangerous dogs as to protect the dogs, which are always victims of human negligence and irresponsibility and should not pay for that with their life. Ivana Lunka states the importance of prescribing sanctions for caretakers who ignore the measures imposed by the veterinary inspection after their dog attacks without a cause, in order to prevent future dog attacks.

"It is absurd that a veterinary inspection orders a dog to die after the caretaker ignores the prescribed measures, and the caretaker may get a new dog tomorrow and treat him equally irresponsibly. Therefore, in such cases, the possibility of confiscating a dog and placing him in a shelter, and also the implementation of socialization measures and castration of the dog in the shelter should be prescribed. The irresponsible caretaker should be charged with all these costs, as well as the cost for the dog's stay in shelter until adoption, and at the same time should be prohibited from the acquisition of new animals," says Lunka.

The problem is always in irresponsible dog caretakers, whether it is failing to microchip the dog, not castrating the dog and getting unwanted offspring, negligent procurement and abandonment of animals, keeping them in inappropriate conditions, or failing to educate and socialize the dog. Therefore, control of law enforcement and preventive measures are paramount.

After the attack, dog Otto almost became a victim of irresponsible caretakers and a dysfunctional system of prevention of such events. "We hope it's not too late for dogs from Podravina and appeal to the veterinary inspection to give them the same chance as they gave Otto," Animal Friends conclude.

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