11/20/08 Veg Sausage Fest

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Animal Friends invites you to the Veg Sausage Fest

The Global Week of Entrepreneurship, November 17-23, is the first international celebration of entrepreneurship that involves young people in activities, contests, and workshops with the aim of encouraging new ideas. Among the Croatian partners, Animal Friends has joined in with an event called Veg Sausage Fest, in the category of Ethical Entrepreneurship.

The Veg Sausage Fest will take place in Zagreb at City Center One on November 20, starting from 5:00 P.M. It will present various types of sausages, salamis, and frankfurters made exclusively from plant-based ingredients by Croatian companies and individuals. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste eighteen products, six of which have been created especially for theisoccasion.

Visitors will have the opportunity to taste the sausages and to participate in voting for the best one. All participants in voting for the best sausage will automatically enter a prize contest, in which the lucky winner will gain a package of products and a dinner at a vegetarian restaurant, and a prize package of sausages from the presented producers.

The best sausage, salami, and frankfurter will also be selected by a special jury, consisting of Davorin Bogovic (musician), Irena Svenda (nutritionist), Sonja Njunjic (moderator of the TV-program "Man and Health Culture" and president of the Association for Obesity Prevention), Ida Roginek (cook at a vegetarian restaurant), and Luka Oman (president of Animal Friends).

During the Global Week of Entrepreneurship, millions of young people throughout the world will launch a movement for creating new ideas and solutions in entrepreneurship in order to face various challenges – from local to global ones. By this event, Animal Friends wishes to promote food that is produced according to high ethical criteria, since no animal has been killed for it, and is at the same time offering a solution for the global ecological problem.

The meat industry causes overexploitation of natural resources, pollution of water, ground, and air, and especially global warming. According to a report by the UN FAO cattle breeding generates a larger amount of greenhouse gasses than all global road traffic together.

Vegetarianism offers a solution to the persisting problem of world hunger, which is currently on the increase. In underdeveloped countries, a person consumes 200 kg cereals annually on the average by largely feeding on them directly. An average European or American consumes 1,000 kg annually whilst almost 90% of the world’s cereals are used to feed animals bred for food. It is estimated that, if everyone changed to a meatless diet, there would be three times more food in the world than is needed.

Today, in the times of global economic and ecological crisis, sustainable living imposes itself as a solution to these problems, whereby sustainable nutrition plays a crucial role.

Veg Sausage Fest has been organized by Animal Friends, with the sponsorship of City Center One, Vegehop restaurant, and bio&bio health store. The participating producers are: Annapurna, Anyo, Eco-natura, Biovita, Gea, and Zrno.


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