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Holiday wishes from Animal Friends Croatia are peace and justice for all living beings

- Animal Friends Croatia say that tradition is no excuse for the evil that we do to the animals

Holiday season is upon us, and for many of us that means spending time with our loved us with presents and tables full of food. Although many consider Christmas time the most wonderful time of the year, this certainly doesn't apply to the animals. Holiday season brings even more massive slaughter of chicken, pigs, lamb, fish and other animals, whose body parts will completely unnecessarily end up cut up and seasoned on the plates.

Animal Friends want to remind you that these days could be full of love, peace and compassion towards all living beings, but instead, these are the bloodiest days of the year. As they mention, there is nothing peaceful about industrial farms and slaughterhouses where over 90 billion animals live miserable lives full of suffering and are dying violent, brutal deaths.

“When we could spend just one hour in their position, we would immediately see how absurd and ironic it is to be joyful next to the cut-up meat of those who wanted to live just as much as we did. We would quickly realize that tradition doesn’t excuse what we do to them. We call out to the public to realize the true meaning of holidays, and that is to spread true love to all the inhabitants of our planet.” - said Vlatka Balaš Cerjak, project coordinator in Animal Friends Croatia.

As she said, with an abundance of tasty and easily accessible vegan ingredients, this is easier than ever before: “Everything begins with our choice of how we will eat and today it is really easy to make rich and tasty vegan holiday meals. Holidays are the ideal time to question our habits and to motivate ourselves to change for the positive. Believe me, it is beautiful to enjoy yourselves with fishless stew, seitan roast, salads and cakes without eggs because there is nothing more beautiful than the fact that your choice saved lives and helped the environment.”

Almost all of the traditional meals and cakes can be made from plant-based ingredients. Along with many vegan recipes, there are many plant-based cheeses and meats. “Vegan holiday meals are meant for everyone and are good for everyone, both people and animals.” - Conclude Animal Friends Croatia.

They appeal to everyone to choose their gifts carefully: Let it be cosmetics that weren't tested on animals and items that are not made of animal skins or furs. They are calling everyone to, in the spirit of consideration towards other people and animals, do not use any pyrotechnics and to not buy animals as they would buy a scarf or a perfume, but instead, if they have means to take care of an animal, visit one of the animal shelters and adopt.

More information on ever growing supply of vegan products and food, a video filmed in their kitchen and various vegan holiday recipes can be found HERE.

If you want a chicken for dinner, invite her! [ 245.69 Kb ]

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