09/11/20 VegeEDU by ZeGeVege

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Animals' Friends have prepared many attractive contents inviting to educate yourselves about sustainable living

- 11. and 12.09.: An interesting installation and exhibition at the main square; online lectures and cooking workshops

This year Animal Friends Croatia will not present and hold ZeGeVege festival which is usually visited by 50 000 people in two days, for the reason of cancellation due to the inability to meet all the anti-epidemic arrangements.

Still, within the VegeEDU by ZeGeVege event on 11th and 12th of September, all lovers of healthy and ethical life have been pleasantly surprised by an attractive installation on Ban Jelačić Square, targeting by this, promotion of sustainable living.

„This Friday and Saturday until 8 PM we wish to offer an attractive exhibition showing it on 15 educative pinboards installed on two-meters high pillars. We may see that citizens are very interested to gather information as well as reading about animal rights and veganism, and their attention is especially drawn to recipes, books, and movie recommendations as well as to the list of plant substitutes for animal products.

We would like to invite everyone, today and tomorrow, to come to the Square in order to see this exhibition and take a photo by six-meter, a three-dimensional title named as the diet of the future, as well as to take coupons with discounts for vegan products from the sponsor of this installation“ – as stated from AFC.

They also said how this installation was conceptualized in order to intrigue people passing by and for them to find out how a vegan food may slow down global warming, improve our health, save the woods, drinking water, and sea resources, stop the hunger in the world and save billions of animals, as well as to receive much more helpful and useful information.

Within VegeEDU they announce a diverse program at their Facebook page – the whole 11 excellent online lectures and cooking workshops: „Tonight from 6 PM there will be a row of three interesting lectures with various themes such as the responsibility of individuals and companies for pollution of the environment with plastic, 22-days challenge at plant-based fuel and how does a diet and races of vegans ultramarathon runners looks like. On Saturday from 12 – 8 PM they will continue with cooking workshops where you may learn how to make milk, breakfast, and cookies from oat flakes; how to easily and cheaply make splats from easily available ingredients; how to make vegan pumpkin pie, fritters or pancakes with cheese but from tofu and how to make a menu for one day with available prepared foods from the stores.”

They highlighted that Facebook followers on the AFC page, on 12th of September will be able to hear a lecture about the publication which will show why an animal question is also a feminist question; to find out what is conscious cooking; everything that is needed for an optimal vegan diet and what is the advantages of a vegan diet for professional sport. Between online lectures which will exchange every hour, positive messages will be sent by Ivan Dečak, Boris Novković, Igor Barberić, Marija Omaljev, Miraj Grbić, Bojan Jambrošić, Karmen Sunčana Lovrić, Matea Frajsberger, Mare Milin, Ines Bojanić, and others.

AFC adds that everyone who misses ZeGeVege, in those two days will be able to feel at least a whiff of this – favorite to the many – festival which until now took place for 12 years in a row: „Flags will be flattering throughout the Main square together with V-labels which present a guarantee for ingredients not containing animal products. We are happy to celebrate 19 years of our work on the 11th of September and therefore this is an excellent chance to offer to our citizens' educational contents with subjects worth fighting for..“

They conclude that everyone who cares for animals, their own health, and the planet should use this opportunity and throughout Friday and Saturday learn something new and introduce positive changes into their lives.

The general sponsor of VegeEDU by ZeGeVege event is SPAR Veggie.

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