10/02/14 60,000,000,000 Slaughtered!

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Animal Friends on World Day for Farmed Animals warns about the terrible figure of 60,000,000,000 slaughtered!

- Oct 2, 2014, Trg bana Jelacica, Zagreb: Impressive display with 12 visuals over 12 meters

For the upcoming World Day for Farmed Animals (Oct 2), at Zagreb's Trg bana Jelacica at 11 A.M. Animal Friends is going to make an impressive performance which will draw attention to huge number of cows, pigs, chickens and other conscious beings that are getting hurt on farms and slaughterhouses all over the world because of the unhealthy and in the long term unsustainable habit of eating meat, milk and eggs. 12 activists with 12 visuals are going to make that display with a length of over 12 meters, thus showing who hides behind this number of 60 billion.

This date is marked in organization of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), on the birthday of vegetarian Mahatma Gandhi, to draw attention to the massive suffering of animals who are dying because of people's choice of diet. The increasing number of animals which every year suffer on farms and die in agony in slaughterhouses confirms the relevance of Gandhi's statement: "The most violent weapon on earth is the table fork."

Lot of people care about dogs, cats and other animals we share our homes with and whom we see as intelligent and unique individuals. Just like them, cows not only that they are gentle and mild, they are also mothers full of love. Pigs are playful, curious and very intelligence animals, who dream and recognize their own names and wag their tail when they are happy. Chickens and turkeys are social beings which have at least 20 different expressions for food and enjoy lying under the sun. Every one of these animals feel happiness, playfulness and love, but in the system of food production they only feel sorrow, loneliness and pain.

After World Vegetarian Day (Oct 1), World Day for Farmed Animals is reminding us all of all these invisible animals, far away from our eyes and hearts, who equally love freedom and life, like people. They just want to be seen as individuals, and not as subjects whose lives are on the market measured in tons of meat. Every person should ask himself where those animals are and how they are treated, because it is our responsibility to make their suffering and their lives visible.

Animal Friends appeals to everyone to waken their compassion and that they use it as motivation in choosing a vegan diet, making the world a better place for all animal species. With a positive impact on health and the environment, with this diet we are literally saving both animal and human lives.

You can find more information in Croatian on www.vegan.hr; you can also check on www.youtube.com/afcroatia the short movie "10 Billion Lives."

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