12/30/20 Don't celebrate with firecrackers, people are terrified after the earthquakes!

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Animal Friends Croatia are calling for a celebration without pyrotechnics in 2021, out of respect for the victims of the earthquake

- At www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr/potres they share information on helping animals and people after the earthquake

Animal Friends invite everyone to welcome the year 2021 without firing firecrackers and other noisy pyrotechnics, out of consideration and respect for the victims of the earthquakes in Petrinja, Glina, Sisak, and other hard-hit areas of central Croatia. "This year has been extremely difficult for all of us, and after the earthquake in Zagreb in March, the year ends with even worse human suffering and even more victims. We ask everyone to show at least a minimum of compassion for the people who have suffered in any way this year, and not to create additional stress and fear for everyone by firing pyrotechnics. If we want to celebrate something, then we should peacefully celebrate human solidarity in these difficult times", says Snježana Klopotan Kačavenda from Animal Friends, who welcomed the recent legal ban on firecrackers which comes into force in January 2021.

She says that they do not have accurate information about the animals that were killed, but on the website www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr/potres they offer information, which they update following current needs, about who is looking for and offering help to people and animals in need, namely primarily by offering temporary accommodation for animals or for people with their animals, as well as in goods, medicines, food or in other ways.

"We ask everyone who offers help to the victims, who have been left homeless, to take into account that many of them also have four-legged family members and other animals that they do not want and cannot leave. After the earthquake in Zagreb, we witnessed a terrible situation where dogs and cats of the people whose homes had been destroyed were refused admittance into organized accommodation. Let's not do it again! In severe tragedies like this, with their unconditional love and soothing presence, animals have a therapeutic effect on people and help them overcome all life's troubles more easily", appeals the Association.

"In addition to receiving reports of lost pets who fled in a panic because of the earthquake, and of destroyed buildings, we are also learning of terrible suffering of cows, pigs, chickens and other animals that came to harm when barns collapsed or were left exposed to rain and other hardships after outbuildings collapsed. We ask the authorities to help them as soon as possible", warns Snježana Klopotan Kačavenda.

She points out that panic, fear of new earthquakes, and a sense of helplessness have crept into people all over Croatia. "People are scared, they don't sleep and they twitch at every sound. Even in better times, the terror of firecrackers was a nightmare for both animals and humans, but now it is an indicator of extreme primitivism and callousness. We urge everyone to refrain from further spreading fear by throwing firecrackers and to show empathy towards people who are not up to celebrating because they have lost someone close or their job or home, and are fighting for their existence this year. Also, we ask everyone to help the animals because they share with us all the difficult situations and help us to overcome them more easily", conclude Animal Friends.

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