04/06/09 Croatian Products Now with the V-Label

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Just in time for World Health Day, several Croatian companies are obtaining the right to use the V-Label

- The first Croatian companies have obtained the right to use a vegetarian product label according to the European standards

As one of the last European countries to do so, Croatia has finally introduced the V-Label, which the European Vegetarian Union has been using for 20 years as a certificate demarcating vegetarian products.

Animal Friends, the official holder of the V-Label in Croatia, has announced that the first certificates have been granted to Annapurna and Zrno, two companies that are dedicated to health foods, as well as to Zvijezda for its Omegol mayonnaise, which contains no ingredients of animal origin. The V-Label has also been granted to Cherry Blossom, a small hotel in Istria, as the first accommodation facility that offers exclusively vegetarian food.

The number of vegetarians in the world is on the rise and a considerable number of foreign tourists visiting Croatia are vegetarians and conscinetious consumers, who carefully read labels before buying products. The European V-Label on Croatian goods guarantees the safety of ingredients and indicates a high-quality food product.

Considering the nutrients that we gain through various types of integral and non-refined vegetarian foods, they are far more balanced than those of animal origin. Cereals, fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds contain high-quality proteins, have the best combination of fatty acids and no cholesterol, and are rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Their consumption can cause no serious poisoning and they accumulate one-tenth of the pesticides and other dangerous chemicals found in foods of animal origin, thus presenting a far smaller threat for the spread of contagious diseases.

According to a public survey conducted by Spem Communication Group, more than 150,000 vegetarians live in Croatia. Additionaly, there are many consumers who care about healthy living and therefore check product labels before making their purchases. There are also those who cannot eat certain foods of animal origin because of health conditions (allergy or intolerance) or for religious reasons. All these groups of consumers will greatly benefit from the V-Label, which guarantees the quality of the tested product.

The fact that the V-Label is needed on the Croatian market was attested to by the afore-mentioned public survey, which demonstrated that 86% of surveyed persons were of the opinion that all products should have some sort of indication as to whether they are suitable for vegetarians or not.

The introduction of the V-Label has the long-term goal of both promoting meatless products and helping consumers to more easily find goods they need and desire. A glance at the V-Label makes shopping easier, which is in the interest of all consumers.

On the occasion of World Health Day, Animal Friends proudly announces the first products and companies to use the V-Label in Croatia and invites other companies to mark their goods accordingly. It is important not only for vegetarians, but also for all those who take care of their health and want to buy foods that have as little detrimental effect on other animal species and the environment as possible.

More information on the advantages of the V-Label can be found at www.v-label.info.

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