The "For Croatia without Fur" Campaign 2014-2017

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Djurdjica Vorkapic from Hippy Garden appeared in February 2014 on billboards that were placed in a number of Croatian cities, appealing to her colleagues in the fashion industry: "Fashion can live without fur, animals can't."

She explained her support to Animal Friends saying: "The world of fashion is a world of creation. Our modern world implies various forms of progress and likes to boast with innovation, but it can hardly be called progressive and even less innovative to use someone's fur in today's civilized society in order to produce a design object. To create means to make things out of one's deepest inner being, to extract something beautiful from oneself and to give it a form. Today's industry offers a huge number of technical possibilities to produce fabric, including beautiful faux fur, and it is indeed backward and primitive to take someone's life for one's personal pleasure."

With a public action on Trg bana Jelacica in Zagreb on February 21, 2015, Animal Friends and dogs, who symbolically wore bloody bandages, informed the citizens and called for a careful selection while buying, so as not to wear a piece of fur of a skinned dog, cat or any other animal, and thus a piece of their unimaginable pain and suffering. Animal Friends also published a shocking video about fur industry on its YouTube channel.

On June 17, 2015, Animal Friends Croatia published an open letter in which we warned that the ban on fur farming may be removed. Agriculture Minister Tihomir Jakovina sent a memo to the Croatian Parliament on February 13, 2015, stating that the Ministry of Agriculture will exclude chinchilla farming from the fur farming ban. The decision was made prior to calling the Committee for the Amendment of the Animal Protection Act to discuss the proposal, making the confirmation of the decision by the Committee, Government and Parliament a mere formality, which is an outrageous attempt to undermine the Act.

Animal Friends Croatia responded on September 8, 2015 by holding a protest in front of the Ministry of Agriculture and spreading a 10-meter banner with a message of compassion, supported by the majority of citizens, for Minister Jakovina. Volunteers held signs prompting the Ministry to preserve the Animal Protection Act and prohibit the bloody business of torturing and killing animals for their fur.

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