08/09/21 Vegan ice cream cools us and the planet

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Animal Friends Croatia gives tips for sweet refreshments

- brainfreeze after the 1st lick of veggie ice cream will be alleviated immediately after you learn about the benefits

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Ice cream, the most tempting product this summer, can be eaten in large quantities without remorse! Namely, there is more and more vegan ice cream on the market, i.e. that which is exclusively of plant origin, which is really commendable. Vegan ice cream is equally tasty and even healthier than that made of cow's milk, usually less caloric and, as Animal Friends Croatia point out, it also cools better.

What exactly they mean by saying that it cools better, they explain in the following way: “Vegan ice cream not only cools us but, precisely because it does not contain ingredients of animal origin whose production warms our planet, it also has an additional cooling effect. Namely, the industry of breeding cows for milk and meat is the main consumer of fresh water and contributes to the pollution of both water and air. A dairy-based diet has been shown to contribute to global warming. Plant-based ice cream, in addition to being more environmentally sustainable, is intended for everyone, especially those prone to allergies or lactose intolerance. It is gladly consumed by people of all ages, and is especially popular among the youngest."

Animal Friends Croatia invite everyone: “Enjoy vegan ice cream by looking for different types in stores where the offer is now so large that it can be found almost everywhere from various manufacturers and thus in various colors and flavors, as well as shapes and packaging (in cones, larger containers; ice lollipops, ice cream, so-called sandwich ice cream, etc.)"

"If you are interested in how to make ice cream at home in less than 5 minutes, and from practically only one ingredient, bananas, there is a recipe for this dessert, popularly called "nice cream." The trick is to cut the bananas into rolls and freeze them, put them in a blender with optional additives such as cocoa, peanut butter and coconut, mix them briefly and the result is a creamy cold dessert to everyone's delight," they added with a remark that they have already started preparing for Plant–Based Milk Day which is celebrated on August 21st.

HERE can be found various recipes for ice cream based on soy, oat, coconut milk, with the addition of nuts or those of the simplest ingredients - fruit. Some recipes also use very interesting ingredients such as green tea or avocado.

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