12/01/20 Slaughterhouse wants to save the bull as the Nazis would save a Jew

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Animal Friends Croatia reacted sharply to the news that the meat industry wants to “save” the runaway animal

- Last year, almost 184,000 cattle were slaughtered in Croatia; the cries of the pigs echo on the slaughter

As before in similar cases, the public last week showed solidarity with the young bull who escaped the slaughterhouse in Slatina and wished him a happy ending to the story. However, many citizens contacted Animal Friends Croatia, pointing out the hypocrisy of the Slatina factory, which even gave the runaway bull an identity, calling him “our brave Joža, now a legend in our region” and stated that those who wanted to slaughter him a few days ago now want to save him. “The slaughterhouse’s announcement that it wanted to save the bull sounds as if the Nazis announced that they wish to save the runaway Jew. You can’t portray the brutal slaughter of a sentient being as a warm family story and the executioners as saviors” Animal Friends said sharply.

They say that as an association, which is well aware of how strong the animal’s desire for life is, it is quite clear that the wonderful young bull instinctively took the opportunity to escape to fight for his life: “He looks like a big pet, he is full of life and he sought salvation in nature where he is now exhausted and hungry, but even that is less evil than a cut neck. In situations like this, people, even if they eat meat, cheer en masse for the life of the animal whose story they are connected to because deep down they know it is unfair to slaughter it. We received the comments from individuals that they stopped eating meat because of Joža and we believe that there will be more.”

They add that as a society we are quite aware and indignant when it comes to dog and cat abuse, while only vegans and vegetarians are appalled by slaughter, although such a disgusting act deserves universal condemnation: “slaughtering animals from the early childhood is presented to us as a necessary evil on the way to a piece of meat on a plate. It separates us in consciousness not only from other beings we use for our supposed needs but also separates us from ourselves and from our humanity. We pretend not to know of the cries of the animals, of the horror in their eyes, of the horrible realization of the animal waiting in the line for slaughter that the one before it had died in agony and torment. But this bull, so similar to a big dog, knew that.”

Animal Friends Croatia state that slaughter is the most brutal act in the relationship of man to animals, which cannot be defended or escaped. Despite this, more than seventy billion animals are bred and slaughtered in slaughterhouses worldwide every year. Pig slaughter is taking place in Croatia, which is an example of the worst cruelty towards animals: “It is not about traditional beautiful gatherings, but about making fun of intelligent, curious and sensitive animals that are victims of human obsession, habits, and primitivism.”

The young bull “Joža” managed to avoid the fate of 183,872 cattle for a short time, which is how many were slaughtered in Croatia last year: “He will hardly survive the winter, without food and water, while for the first time he ended up in unknown forests, lonely and scared. Neither the deceptive propaganda of the meat industry, which presents itself as its savior, nor the interest of the public will save it from the knife, but only the knowledge of each individual that it is ethically wrong to slaughter and eat animals.” Animal Friends Croatia points out.

They remind us that humane slaughter does not exist, but also that no one should give up the products and flavors to which they are accustomed. There is a large selection of different types of vegan sausages, burgers, kebabs, kulen, and similar versions of meat products that offer great taste and appearance to the palate, while saving billions of animals from violent death, which can be avoided by changing the eating habits.

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