06/07/22 Support the Meat Production Technology without Slaughterhouses!

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The international civil initiative launched to invest in the innovative food production development

- With plant-based substitutes for animal products and cultivated meat for the salvation of mankind

Animal Friends Croatia joined the international civil initiative whose main goal is to collect a million signatures for the start of investing in the life-saving animal-free meat technology. Across entire Europe, aside from million signatures, at least seven member states need to cross the set threshold for this proposal to be presented to the European Commission. Animal Friends Croatia, who are the representatives for the signature collection and one of the initiative’s launchers, point out that it is vital that all sign and cast their vote at eci.ec.europa.eu

They clarify that the pandemics, global warming, deforestation, ocean pollution, world hunger, destruction of ecosystems, and continued species extension are closely connected to the breeding of animals for food. As per last year’s carbon print global calculation, worked on by 76 scientists from 57 institutions in 15 countries, we only have about 10 years to avoid a climate tipping point. It is shocking that approximately 51 % of greenhouse gas emissions on our planet are associated with the consumption of farmed animals’ meat!

But since today there are alternatives in form of increasingly more popular plant-based and cultivated meat (and other animal products), that can produce the same meat quantity with 99% less greenhouse gas emissions, it is safe to say that there is a technology to save the world.
„In Croatia, we have to collect 8,500 signatures so we ask all to provide their vote and support the success of this important and much-needed initiative for the survival of all of us on Earth and for the common good”, Animal Friends Croatia said.

They point out that now is the time to invest in further research into a fantastic technology that can save humanity, animals, and the planet. Thanks to spices, plant-based meat has a very similar taste and texture to animal meat, and it is produced from plant proteins, most often peas or soya. It is available in almost all stores and is also produced by Croatian manufacturers.

The cultivated meat has the same structure and composition as animal meat, and during the process, no one gets hurt. Cultivated (cellular) agriculture is a branch of technology that has no connection to genetic modification and allows the production of safer, healthier, and “cleaner” meat, milk, eggs, bones, skin, and other organic material directly in the laboratory starting from several cells that multiply almost indefinitely. Cells are obtained by painless biopsy, so even a fallen-off feather from a chicken is sufficient.

The safety of cultivated meat has never been in question, but the livestock industry is trying to obstruct the development of this innovative and saving technology through heavy lobbying. Regardless of that, it is foreseen that during the next several decades, laboratory meat and direct plant protein sources will have a significant market share of 1.7 trillion in the animal meat and fishing industries.

„The initiative which we are collecting the signatures for should be supported by everyone, regardless of the diet type. We ask everyone to take a minute and provide support for the ecological, clean, and controlled meat production, as well as for the healthier plant-based meat, without antibiotics, pus, tumors, and suffering. The rise of the new food production technology will enable our survival on the planet, and consequently closing of all slaughterhouses”, the Association concludes.

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