01/10/18 Accept the Challenge and Dare to be Vegan

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Animal Friends is inviting everyone to take up the valuable challenge and a bold start to the year

- January is a perfect time to make a decision that will benefit animals, the environment, and your own health

A famous food and restaurant market research company predicted that 2018 will be the year in which veganism takes over as the dominant dietary trend. This comes as no surprise, considering a successful 2017, which saw a record spike in the number of consumers of vegan products, a drop in the sale of animal products, and other achievements for the plant-based diet all around the world. Veganism is becoming a more widely spread lifestyle and diet of choice, while compassion toward animals is a characteristic we want to see in more people.

When it comes to vegan progress, Croatia isn't lagging behind. Various events promoting veganism, such as the ZeGeVege Festival, the VeggieFair, and the Veganmania in Osijek, attracted a record number of visitors. Over 10 Croatian pizzerias now offer vegan pizzas, Croatia held its first March for Animals demonstration and a protest to shutdown all slaughterhouses, and Croatia also founded its first legal clinic for animal rights...

One of the most selfless and positive decisions that anyone can make at the beginning of 2018 is to accept the Veggie Challenge. As part of the Veggie Challenge, participants will receive a daily e-mail for 30 days following their registration containing recipes and interesting information on veganism, plant-based products, and dietary habits. January has proven to be the best month for making resolutions, hence the world-renown Veganuary campaign, which connects veganism and January in its name. Animal Friends is inviting everyone to join this global movement for compassion and justice.

Nikolina Plenar, an animal-rights activist who became vegan thanks to the Veggie Challenge, said: "My first step toward veganism happened when I realized it was pretty strange of me to adore my cats while, at the same time, eating other animals also close to my heart that I could never harm myself. My decision was inspired by the Veggie Challenge. My only regret is not doing it earlier. It's a great feeling, knowing my everyday life choices are not causing harm to any sentient living creature anymore! I challenge everyone to try out veganism this January and make their year more wonderful at the very start."

Many people who tried veganism and enrolled in the Veggie Challenge last year were also encouraged to do so after news reports detailed various diseases connected to meat and dairy consumption and videos illustrated the brutal treatment of animals in transport and slaughterhouses.

For instance, throughout 2017, the public was bombarded by reports about salmonella, which was found in the products of all leading Croatian supermarket chains. There were also cases of bird flu. Mid-last year, shocking videos were published, showcasing the abuse of animals in transport. This footage revealed that Croatia is also a culprit in the chain of despicable and illegal animal abuse. The only way to fend off these diseases and directly stop animal abuse is to go vegan.

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