11/05/15 Fani Stipkovic Came to Support Chinchi!

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With the support of celebrities and music video, candidate Chinchi announced her pre-election rally

- The most popular journalist in Europe for the ban on breeding animals for fur; Chinchi handed out cranberries and gathered sympathy

Independent candidate Chinchi, friend of humans and all other animals, held together her pre-election rally at the Zagreb's main square.

Chinchi already got many sympathies of ordinary people and Croatian celebrities like Sanja Dolezal, Dubravko Simenc, Nika Fleiss, Bojan Jambrosic, Kresimir Dolencic, Robert Boskovic and Ivan Decak. Today the most popular journalist in Europe, Fani Stipkovic, joined them.

Upon her arrival on Chinchi's campaign rally, Fani stated: "I am deeply disappointed by Minister Jakovina's move which is a proof that he is not motivated by ethics and progress of our society, but entirely by individual financial profit. That will put Croatia in the company of backward countries which do not strive for progress, but fail at social values without humane foundations. Killings of innocent chinchillas, who are tortured in the worst way possible only to produce a fur coat, will not save someone's life or change our society for better because it's sole purpose is a promotion of luxury in the worst way possible, with the cost of killing a life. I appeal once again to protect innocent animals, and for Croatia to become aware and create new measures which will show that we are a civilized society with a goal to improve and promote true values."

In order to seize YouTube for her election campaign and present her sincere program, she launched a promotion video named ''Your Vote For Chinchilla Salvation''.

Every time Chinchi comes downtown during rush hour, she makes the jam because everyone wants to take pictures with her. All photos and experiences Chinchi, of course, publishes on Facebook, and she is also active on Twitter. Viva La Chinchilla is an online hit.

In the announcement of Chinchi's pre-election rally, Bojan Jambrosic said: "I do not support killings of chinchillas and I am strictly against breeding of animals for fur. I am glad that Animal Friends have defended and stood up for these tiny creatures with this humorous, yet very clear, campaign. Therefore I give my vote to CHINCHI and FOR CROATIA WITHOUT FUR."

Robert Boskovic added: "Do you know that one must kill 200 chinchillas for a fur coat? I was appalled by this in 2006 and I believed that all chinchilla farms in our country would be closed! Today, 9 years later, I've expected that we would be smarter. This is why I support Chinchi, and I strongly believe in reason and happy outcome of this campaign."

Chinchi is already known to Croatian public as the advocate of the animal rights and fierce freedom fighter for chinchillas. She has become a parliamentary candidate for the upcoming elections with the slogan "From Cage To the Parliament" in order to stand up for termination of violence against this important Croatian minority. As Chinchi explains, regardless the result which will decide the parliamentary seat, she has already won in the hearts of many good people who support her species and other hairy animals who suffer.

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