01/15/04 Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur!

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Animal Friends protests naked against fur industry

Animal Friends is organizing a protest against wearing fur. They will try to inform the public about great and totally unnecessary cruelty hidden behind fur coats.

To show the public that fur coats warm up only cold hearts and that compassion warms up better, on Thursday, January 15, 2004, at noon, Animal Friends' activists will take a walk on Josip Jelacic Square naked - rather than wearing fur. Animal Friends points out that true warmth comes from our right beliefs and not from remains of slaughtered animals we wear.

Millions of animals, e.g. foxes, minks, raccoons, squirrels, chinchillas and beavers, are raised or trapped in the wild to be skinned and used for fur garments production. Victims of cruel fashion spend their entire lives in tiny filthy cages surrounded with their own excrement, no veterinary care is provided and animals are forced to cannibalism. Before skinning, animals are killed by following methods - neck snapping, poison injections in the heart, gassing or electrocution, and their corpses are used as food for other animals on the farm.

A number of people who do not wear fur garments and rather choose clothes made without animal suffering and great ecological damages, caused by its manufacturing, increases. To many celebrities fur symbolizes primitivism and animal agony, and they raise their voices against wearing fur coats and promote ethical fashion.

Animal Friends protests against cruelty, pain and suffering by making an appeal to the public that primitivism must be rejected, and clothes must be chosen with compassion. Now when we have enormous choice of materials and garments, wearing fur is totally unnecessary and unforgivable crime.

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