01/16/07 Beautiful without Fur

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Animal Friends starts a big national campaign: FOR CROATIA WITHOUT FUR

- Fani Stipkovic on "Beautiful without Fur" billboards

A regulation banning fur farming in Croatia has been added to the new Animal Protection Act, and is supported by 73.7% of Croatian citizens. But even though this law came into force on January 1 this year, the above mentioned regulation will become effective only on January 1, 2017. During that long period hundreds of thousands of animals will be killed because of fashion and prestige.

What is more, end of fur farming does not mean end of selling fur in Croatia and importing it from other countries for the purposes of that trade. That is why Animal Friends is announcing the beginning of a long-term campaign called "For Croatia without Fur," the aim of which is to stop cruel treatment of animals on account of the fashion industry.

The campaign starts with billboards of attractive Croatian model Fani Stipkovic, which will be placed in Zagreb and Split. Under the supervising eye of a Cro-a-Porter art director Viktor Drago and in front of the lens of Dusko Vlaovic, Fani Stipkovic has, by completely undressing herself, moved the limits of up-to-date fight for animal rights in Croatia and, with this brave step-forward, set up a challenge to Croatian celebrities which are still in favor of the stone age fashion.

Promotion and presentation of the billboard "Beautiful without Fur" will take place on Tuesday, January 16 at 11 A.M., in the Regent Club of The Regent Esplanade Zagreb Hotel. Viktor Drago, Fani Stipkovic and her dog Sauri, who also appears on the billboards, will be present at the press conference. Also, the visual look of the campaign "For Croatia without Fur" will be presented and additional photographs and materials will be given to the media people.

Following the footsteps of many celebrities worldwide – like Sadie Frost, Pamela Anderson, Dennis Rodman, Imogen Bailey, Marcus Schenkenberg and Joanna Krupa – Fani herself also recognized that true beauty lies within ourselves, so she didn't hesitate to expose the beauty of her body as a contrast to the cruel reality of the heartless industry of breeding, hunting and killing animals for their fur. Thus she sent out the message that a woman, or a man, for that matter, do not have to decorate themselves with garments made of skinned animals in order to be beautiful, attractive and elegant.

Hunt, breeding and means of killing animals for their fur – electrocution, gassing, neck-breaking, injecting of insecticide in their hearts... – are "sewn in" in fur garments. Precisely for this reason Fani refuses to wear such suffering of animals and, completely undressed, with her attractiveness and natural beauty shows her ethics. Beauty is made from the compassion for every living creature as well, so Fani, by supporting the campaign "For Croatia without Fur," showed that she is not only beautiful without fur but also beautiful and with a heart.

"I cannot grasp how one can support violence to animals. There is no sense in so much torturing animals for fashion, especially because fur is not necessary and is completely replaceable. You can be modern without killing. Turn your back on fur and express your humanity!" says Fani.

Campaign will continue with a big protest in February, performances and actions and other public appearances of Croatian celebrities.

This campaign is supported by M-Ros, Arto, Media, Cro-a-Porter, Studio 2M, Adorea, and The Regent Esplanade Zagreb Hotel.

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