04/04/02 In Memory of Fashion Victims

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Continuation of the Animal Friends' campaign against fur in the cooperation with the French organization AFIPA

On Thursday, April 4, Animal Friends is inviting you on a funeral in memory of animals that were killed in order to become somebody's fashion adornment. It's direction of moving is from the Well of life (Marshal Tito's Square) at 4:30 P.M., through Masaryikova ulica, where candles will be lit in front of furrier shops. The final destination of the procession is Petar Preradovic Square, where the candles will be burned - this time in front of the caskets of killed animals.

Only for one chinchilla fur coat about 200-250 chinchillas are needed to be killed, while for one fur coat it is needed up to 60 foxes, 30 nutrias, 60 martens and so on. Before they eventually die, animals live in terrible conditions and suffer enormously, and death alone for them means broken necks, suffocation, poisoning, electrocution or releasing compressed air in their rectum.

With this procession we are continuing the campaign that had begun with the burning of the fur coats on Preradovic Square, as well as a projection show and our demand for the inspection.

Although we started the campaign independently, French organization AFIPA has contacted us recently and offered us a cooperation. We are also making a list of Croatian companies and fashion agencies that are using fur in order to join the world list of companies that use fur and those who say no to fur.

Zagreb, April 2, 2002



ZAGREB - In memory of numerous animals who have fallen as victims of fashion industry, Animal Friends yesterday had organized funeral procession from Marshal Tito square to Petar Prerardovic Square where they had lit the candles in front of the "caskets of murdered animals" as well as in front of every furrier shop on the way of the procession. Animal Friends sent a word that for making just one chinchilla fur coat it is needed about 200-250 animals. For also just one fur coat 60 foxes, 30 nutrias, 60 martens will give their life...

Before they eventually die, these animals live in horrible conditions and suffer enormously. Before they end up as someone's fashion adornment, they are murdered in the cruelest ways: with broken necks, suffocated, poisoned, electrocuted or compressed air is released in their rectum, as they are convincing us in the association, at the same time announcing co-operation with the sister French organization AFIPA. Together with them they will make a list of Croatian companies and fashion agencies that use furs in their models, in order to join worldly list of companies that use fur or not.

Novi list, April 4, 2002

Animal Friends organized in Downtown cortege in memory of fashion victims

The citizens offered last respects to the foxes

A procession of thirty-odd citizens set off from the Well of Life to Masarykova ulica where the members of the organization burned candles in front of the furrier's stores

For two foxes killed to become someone's fashion adornment, Animal Friends yesterday have organized a cortege in a sad but dignified atmosphere.

About 30 citizens set off from the Well of Life heading toward Masarykova ulica where the members of the organization burned candles in front of the numerous furrier's stores. Under the watchful eye of some ten police officers, the grieving have reached Cvjetni trg, where the last respects were offered to the deceased by burning candles in front of their caskets.

In a memory of fashion victims, some ten passers-by joined a twenty-and-something meters long procession. However, most of them were curiously peeking into little caskets trying to figure out who died.

"Hey, kids, who died?" a woman worriedly asked. But when she read the messages on the banners Animal Friends were "armed" with, everything was clear to her.

After figuring out what was that all about, most of the passers-by carried on their way. Otherwise nervous and impatient drivers in usually busy Masarykova ulica were waiting with respect for the procession to jaywalk every now and then in order to get to the stores with fur. After 30 minutes, numerous journalists, members of the organization and citizens who have joined them split to their respective homes. "My hat is off to the police. They understood us best so far and helped us more than some whose help we were expected and hoped for. Nevertheless, we will put furrier's shops and fashion agencies either on our black or white list, following the example of influential French organization for animal protection AFIPA.

"This is how we plan to join the world action of listing fashion agencies and companies that use fur," explained Pintaric and announced the continuance of the biggest fur campaign in Croatia so far.

JUTARNJI LIST, April 5, 2002



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