73,7% of Croatian Citizens Against Fur Farming

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Animal Friends present one of the results of an official and independent public opinion poll

Number of persons polled: 1,000 (the general public aged over 15)

Sample: the general public (Croatian citizens over the age of 15); random systematic sampling based on Croatian telephone dictionary, combined with quota sampling (according to county, sex and age)

Duration: the poll was conducted from October 9 until October 27, 2006 by the pollsters of the SPEM Communication Group

Standard margin of error for N=1,000 is +/-3,1%
Standard margin of error for the sample of N=1,000 and 95% level of confidence is +/-3,1%. That means that in 100 repeated surveys (with the same sample size) the results of 95 of them would be different from the current results by +/-3,1% at the most.

No less than 52,6% of the questioned completely agrees that fur farming in Croatia should be banned, and 21,1% of them agree with that statement, which means that 73,7% of the questioned agrees or completely agrees with that statement. On the other hand, only 12,3% does not agree or completely disagrees with the statement.

Agreement/disagreement with the statement that fur farming in Croatia should be banned

I do not agree at all: 7,2%
I do not agree: 5,1%
I neither agree nor disagree: 14,0%
I agree: 21,1%
I fully agree: 52,6%

Poll - ban on fur farming (Eng)

Protest against fur farming, Zagreb 2006



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