03/14/02 The Real Truth About Fur

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The continuation of Animal Friends' campaign against breeding and killing of animals for their fur

Animal Friends carries on with its campaign against breeding and killing of animals for their fur. After last week's shocking performance by Robert Franciszty and the burning of furs on Petar Preradovic Square in Zagreb, this week an event informing the public on fur industry will be held at the same place.

An installation showing films on breeding of animals for furs, as well as giving away materials regarding the subject, will take place on Petar Preradovic Square at 12 noon, on Thursday, March 14, 2002.

This will be yet another action that will try to inform Croatian public and draw their attention to the sufferings of animals on fur farms. The animals in their natural habitat daily cross dozens of kilometers of their territory - while on farms, they live in cramped up cages and become frustrated and nervous due to their living conditions, often attack each other and eat their dead.

The films will show killings of animals by suffocation, poisoning, neck breaking, electricity shocks and putting compressed air into their rectums after which their skin is flayed and other animals are fed with what is left of them. Apart from the stimulation of cannibalism, farmers do not provide medical help for the animals which results in various infections and serious diseases and injuries - this has also been recorded on video (by hidden cameras).

Also, those animals live on wire grids and suffer their whole life from injuries on their paws and from the stench of their own secretion. All those animals have very sensitive sense of smell and they are forced to live above their own daily secretions that nobody cleans or cares about.

But we will also see examples from some western countries where fur farms have already been banned or are soon to be banned. As it has already been announced, Animal Friends have presented a request to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for the inspection of animal fur farms in Croatia with which we wish to bring Croatia closer to the western countries that strongly condemn that kind of breeding and killing.



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