04/07/22 Ireland Also Banned Animal Breeding for Fur!

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After a ban in France, Italy and Estonia one more large step for animals in Europe

- More and more countries are ending torturous breeding and death of fur animals for the purpose of profit and beauty

Numerous animal protection organizations joined in a coalition Fur Free Alliance, including the Animal Friends Croatia, welcomed the news that Ireland, is the last one of the countries that banned animal breeding for fur, after this being done also by France, Italy and Estonia.

Mark Glover, the Board Member of the Fur Free Alliance and the Director of the Respect for Animals organization, is not hiding his enthusiasm: „This is a historical day for animal wellbeing in the Republic of Ireland! I would like to express my honor to all the activists that helped this happen. Now it is crucial that the lawmakers throughout the world, including the ones on the EU level, take urgent measures for ending forever the animal breeding cruelty for fur.”

The initiative for the legal ban of animal breeding for fur in Ireland passed the final parliament stage end of March. The ban received huge support from all political parties in both Parliament houses and the legal proposal was also signed by the President Michael D Higgins. The Respect for Animals organization undertook a public survey that showed how 80% of people in Ireland want to ban animal breeding for fur.

Animal Friends Croatia express happiness for this long-awaited decision: „In Croatia, the ban on animal breeding for fur manufacturing was implemented already in 2017., after a 10-year transitional period. It is encouraging to see large steps taken for animals also in other countries that are aware of how our extremely cruel chapter on animal treatment should be ended and of which we should be deeply ashamed. Fur decorations and fur jackets are not needed by anyone at all.”

They point out that after, a short and miserable life, animals are killed by gas suffocation, electrocution, strangling, poisoning, neck-breaking…„Instead of clothes that are the product of such barbarism and torture, good quality, ecologically and economically much more acceptable materials are also more attractive and provide the warmth better than the ones of animal origin. Time has come to decisively and loudly say NO to the killing of animals for fur as well as to the sale and use of such garments!” Animal Friends Croatia points out and concludes that compassion is always in style.

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