12/10/13 A Fight for the Rights of the Oppressed Majority

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Animal Friends points out the importance of ending discrimination based on species

- December 10: International Animal Rights Day; rewards for good deeds

A day for the rights of all animals, both human and non-human, encourages an end to all discrimination. Today's necessary human rights battle shows the deeply rooted intolerance toward those that are different, those that do not adhere to the rules of tradition, even those whose difference is only in the way they look.

Considering the discrimination within our own kind, we do not pay attention to how we treat other species, even though we should be sharing our planet with them as equals.

Maybe it is because of our own problems that we should try to perceive the story of those that are most oppressed and most enslaved. "While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered animals, how can we expect any ideal conditions on the earth?" are the words of Irish dramatist, writer and Nobel Prize Laureate, George Bernard Shaw.

The fight for animal rights is actually a fight for the majority that has less rights than any minority. In just one year, over 60 billion land animals are killed only because of the human habit of eating animal products. This population, which would never exist in such a large number without human manipulation, goes through unimaginable suffering, and their distress also creates general ecological unsustainability.

Just like in concentration camps during World War II, animals today are being used for the consumption of their bodies, for product testing, for clothing or simply for fun.

Animal Friends would like to encourage you to do a good deed for non-human animals and to document your deed in order to encourage others and receive the "Gift of Goodness." For example, you can become vegan, prepare a vegan dinner for your family or friends, stop buying products that have been tested on animals, buy shoes and clothing made out of non-animal leather, adopt an animal from a shelter or participate in a similar practice.

By changing ourselves, we can encourage others to do the same and consciously decide not to take part in the killing of sentient beings. Our one meal, boot, coat or powder for them represents everything in the world. It is their life. Let’s think about the priorities of those whose freedom we took away.

In addition to encouraging good deeds toward animals and the prize campaign Animal Friends has, we have posted Damien Mander's TEDx lecture "Modern Warrior" on our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/afcroatia in honour of International Animal Rights Day. This video will not leave anyone indifferent.

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