08/16/18 When I Say Kindness, I Mean Veganism

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Actor and activist Dan Richardson is inviting you to the 11th ZeGeVege Festival via billboards

- The compassionate actor will give a talk and also film his documentary on veganism in Croatia

On this year's ZeGeVege Festival, which will take place September 7 + 8 on Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb, there will be a special guest – Dan Richardson, British actor and producer, vegan, wildlife conservation advocate and a lifelong ambassador of the esteemed international Born Free Foundation which promotes policies on wildlife conservation and animal rights.
The activist is announcing his arrival to this popular Croatian festival via billboards with messages: "When I say kindness, I mean veganism." and "When I say justice, I mean veganism." These same messages will be shared on social media.

As a part of the high-quality two-day programme with as many as 22 cooking workshops and talks on the ZeGeVege festival, Dan Richardson will give his talk titled "Why I became a vegan" on Friday, September 7 2018 at 8PM. With this lecture, he will elaborate on his motives for switching to veganism and what it means to him. One other reason for his coming to Croatia is the filming of a documentary on the vegan movement in the world, in which he wants to include Croatia as well.

Also, while staying in Zagreb, Richardson will present his work on the protection of animal rights and the new book "How To Go Vegan: The Why, the How, and Everything You Need to Make Going Vegan Easy" published by Planetopija, who also organize the presentation. It is a book full of useful information, advice and recipes, which will make everyone’s transition to veganism easier, whether this person wants to become a vegan because of animal welfare, the environment, sustainability or health. There is no better person to present this excellent book than the inspiring actor who says that animal cruelty is the topic which has the deepest impact on him: "If you have empathy within you, once you see and accept reality, it will change your mind forever. At that moment, your empathy will control your choices… and that will change the world."

Vlatka Balas from Animal Friends Croatia, who have for 11 years in a row successfully organized the ZeGeVege Festival, which breaks its attendance records every year, says: "With its positive atmosphere and rich programme, ZeGeVege delights its numerous visitors and represents an irresistible event to Zagreb’s and Croatia’s tourists offer. The free lectures and workshops regularly attract visitors from all over Croatia and neighboring countries as well. Nobody wants to miss out on the more than one hundred stalls offering healthy food, eco-products and cosmetics that haven’t been tested on animals, restaurants which attract with the fragrance of delicious vegan cuisine, numerous tastings, educational and activist content and amusing dance numbers!"

Dan Richardson on ZeGeVege festival [ 1.22 Mb ]Dan Richardson on ZeGeVege festival [ 1.11 Mb ]

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