01/02/21 Firecrackers are prohibited by law from today on!

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The long-awaited ban on firecrackers has come into force, Animal Friends calls for turning over firecrackers to the police

- Many futile appeals not to shoot because of the earthquake show that a legal ban is the only solution

Animal Friends is asking citizens who own firecrackers and bandoliers to hand them over to the Ministry of the Interior or return them to the shops where they bought them, given that on January 2, 2021, the legal ban on the sale and use of firecrackers and bandoliers of categories F2 and F3. At the same time, they thank everyone, albeit few, who responded to the appeal of the police and many others who called pyrotechnics not to be fired, among many justified reasons and for the victims of the earthquake and the people frightened by the tremor. They also point out that the low response to appeals shows another reason why a legal ban is important and why it is the only effective and necessary way to protect citizens and animals and achieve peace and security. Laws are there to protect public order and peace to make everyone feel good in their homes and on the street all year round.

Animal Friends points out that this day is important for Croatia, for all its citizens, as well as for all animals. They believe that this is only the first step to fully correct the Law on Explosive Substances in the direction of completely restricting the use of pyrotechnics, which is dangerous when in hands of citizens, as shown by the numerous new injuries to children, adults, and animals. Given that all pyrotechnics of the F2 and F3 categories were previously legally banned, after the ban on firecrackers and bandoliers, it is a logical step to shorten the days of sale and use of other noisy pyrotechnics. There is really no justification and logic that harassment of citizens and animals is allowed day and night when nothing is even celebrated – on December 27, 28, 29, and 30.

„Many have spent the past few days with their four-legged family members in the bathroom, with the blinds down and tranquilizers, fearing that the worst would happen – the failure of their friends’ heart, and some, unfortunately, had the worst experience. Many, because of the firecrackers, especially on December 29 and 30, flinched at every sound of a firecracker or some other pyrotechnic device, thinking for a moment that a new earthquake was coming. Some were also in the hospital bandaging severely injured body parts. Therefore, this date is really long-awaited and a really positive thing for the beginning of this year”, says Animal Friends.

Regarding inquiries about firecrackers and bandoliers that have not been fired these days, Animal Friends reiterates that it is good that they are not fired and that they can surrender to the police or return to the shops where they were bought: “This is the only correct possibility, considering that firecrackers and bandoliers go into the past with the present day and will stay there forever. They leave the future to the better legal protection of citizens and animals, safety and responsibility.”

In addition to environmental pollution and air poisoning on winter days when air quality is already poor, firecrackers and other pyrotechnics not only harm pets from which many suffer more severely, but firecrackers and fireworks endanger wildlife. This is especially the case with birds that, in addition to fighting for food and warmth, literally fight for their lives and die exhausted on the roads and in parks. It is disturbing and sad that, due to the fireworks for the New Year, the center of Rome was covered yesterday by hundreds of dead birds that failed to fight for their lives” says Animal Friends.

Animal Friends would like to thank the cities and municipalities that have given up on fireworks this year, which they find extremely commendable. In this way, our local communities have joined cities around the world that have been using more environmentally friendly, attractive, and also less noisy and dangerous visual solutions to mark the transition from one year to another. They conclude that today we really have the opportunity to rejoice and enjoy the amazing attractions, without reaching for pyrotechnics, even noisy fireworks.

January 2, 2021, goes down in history as the date when the legal ban on firecrackers, advocated by Animal Friends, many other associations, institutions, the media, experts, veterinarians, doctors, pediatricians, ministries, and the majority public, came into force. This year has already started positively and Animal Friends believes that many will welcome its end with less fear and more confidence.

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