12/24/18 Second March for the Animals was a Success

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March for the Animals brought together a large number of animal rights activists from all over Croatia and neighboring countries.

March for the Animals 2018

-On December 8, the second ever March for the Animals was held, showcasing numerous hand held signs, torches, and a 9 meter long vegan flag

December 10th is International Animal Rights Day. It falls on the same date as International Human Rights Day, emphasizing the fact that animals, just like humans, have certain rights which should not be violated or withheld for the benefit of other people. The Animal Rights movement is gaining strength and an increasing number of people believes that animals are not property, and should not be used for food, clothing, entertainment, or as test subjects. It is this shared belief that brings together millions in marches all over the world, and on Saturday, December 8, it brought together activists from Zagreb, other Croatian cities, and even neighboring countries, at the second March for the Animals organized in Zagreb.

With the use of various signs and loud slogans, and accompanied by the positive atmosphere created by the drummers of Drum'n'Bijes, the participants spread a message of compassion for all animals throughout the city – compassion for animals suffering because of the leather, wool, and fur industries, for those suffering due to neglect and abandonment when it is us who have created and nurtured their dependence on us, for those suffering in the food industry, and those being mistreated for our entertainment.

The organizers of the event, Animal Friends organization and the Victories organization, have commented that they're extremely happy to have gathered all these people in a loud procession leading up to International Animal Rights Day: ''There have been marches against racism, marches for women's rights, and today we're marching for animals' rights louder and stronger than ever. We gathered today to be the voice of all animals, led by the belief that all living beings deserve a life without pain or suffering. The animal rights movement is not merely the philosophy of a handful of people, it is a social movement that is slowly changing deep-seated traditional notions such as the view that animals exist solely for the benefit of humans. When it comes to pain, love, joy, loneliness, or fear, we're no different than animals. They cherish their lives just as much as we do, and will fight for it until the very end. Underneath the skin, the fur, the feathers or scales, there is a heart that feels. Employing the well known saying, 'In a world where you can be anything, choose to be compassionate', which has become a sort of slogan for the animal rights movement, we're asking everyone to join us in choosing to help animals in our everyday lives. Every individual is capable of helping animals by not using them for food, by not wearing their furs, skins or wool, by not using products tested on animals, by adopting dogs or cats instead of buying them, and in so doing respecting animal rights on a daily basis.''

The March for the Animals was attended by musician Darko Rundek, and was supported by numerous organizations and associations from Croatia as well as other countries.

For more information on the March for the Animals and International Animal Rights Day, click here.

March for the Animals 2018March for the Animals 2018March for the Animals 2018March for the Animals 2018March for the Animals 2018



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