08/24/22 In the long run, they choose veganism

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Bojan Kuljić, Ana Štefulj i Igor Drašković invite you to the 14th ZeGeVege festival on September 23 and 24

- Billboard runners testify that a vegan diet is ultra-nutritious for ultra-endurance

Apart from the jogging passion, what binds Bojan Kuljić, Ana Štefulj and Igor Drašković, whose faces were on the posters of the announcement campaign of the 14th ZeGeVege festival of sustainable living, is a vegan lifestyle. With the slogan on the billboards: "We choose veganism for the long haul", they want to emphasize that they are equally persistent and persistent in both veganism and running, and invite everyone to come to the ZeGeVege festival to see for themselves that vegan food is ultra-food for ultra-endurance. They note: "Everyone should decide on such a diet, for the sake of themselves and the animals, but also before climate change affects us."

Ana Štefulj is a road runner who, after many years of vegetarianism, started a vegan lifestyle in parallel with recreational running. Six years have passed since then, and during that period she was among the top five results in the history of Croatia for certain disciplines, including the half marathon and marathon. Last year, she delighted everyone in Kyiv by bringing Croatia the victory at the Balkan Marathon Championship in one of the fastest times in the history of the race, 10 minutes ahead of the competitors from Israel and Bulgaria!

"All of us who are involved in running know how much effort, energy and time we need to invest in this sport", points out Ana and adds: "It is a magical circle, full of emotions, learning, will, physical and mental efforts. , attitude towards one's own body and shifting boundaries. On the other hand, being vegan is extremely easy and such a diet does not require special effort and sacrifices. I can say with certainty that veganism helps me achieve results just as much as my diet helps animals and the environment.”

Bojan Kuljić has been a vegan and a running enthusiast for six years. Thanks to the "vegetable drive" he performs very well on long distances with minimal training, and he desires to dedicate himself more to the ultramarathon. He considers the Zagreb Marathon run in 2021 to be his greatest success, and he is also proud of the 100-mile race in Istria, where in 2019 he participated in the 110-kilometer national trail championship. He learned what the human body can do and although a vegan diet helps him push the limits of endurance, he is vegan primarily because of the animals.

Ultratrail runner Igor Drašković is actively engaged in mountain ultra-trail running. He even twice completed the Tor des Geants race of 338 km with a 30,000 m altitude difference in the Italian Alps. It is one of the toughest trail races in the world. Igor has been running for 10 years, he has been a vegan for 12 years, and before that he was a vegetarian for two years. He has been active in the animal protection movement for many years: from volunteering, activism and donating to investing in vegan companies, all with the aim of promoting the great benefits of veganism for animals, the environment and health.

Bojan, Ana and Igor agreed that a plant-based diet enables them to recover quickly after hard training, reduces the chances of severe injuries and makes them sharper, faster and stronger. The vegan diet as the secret to the success of professional athletes is being talked about more and more, which was contributed to by the acclaimed documentary "The Game Changers". It is athletes in racing sports, which belong to the most difficult athletic disciplines and require a challenging reexamination of endurance limits, who very often decide to go vegan. In addition to the aforementioned trio, Dubravka and Damir Mesec from Našice also achieved success with plant-based food. Marathon world record holder Fiona Oakes, "world's best runner" ultramarathoner Scott Jurek and track and field legend David Verburg are also vegans.

The 14th ZeGeVege festival will be held on September 23 and 24, 2022 at Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb, and you can find out more about this interesting educational event at www.zegevege.com.

Friends of animals would also like to thank photographer Vedran Husremović and make-up artist Saša Knežević who contributed to the realization of the campaign "We choose veganism in the long run".

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