"Humane" Farming - an Oxymoron

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Look out! Here it comes! You may have already seen them... Soon grocery store shelves everywhere will be covered with an array of "Humanely produced" eggs, dairy and meat.

Sadly, there is no such thing. The animal exploiting industries and retailers think they have struck gold with this new deceptive advertising and labeling strategy. Sadly they are deceiving consumers who consider themselves "animal lovers." Most people want to believe that there is a "humane" way to produce animal products, but the truth is that is impossible – basic economics and biology are the two most irrefutable reasons why.

Basic Economics

For any product to be mass produced whether it's labeled "organic, Free Range, Cage Free," etc. The animals are still bred by the billions, separated from their family members, and eventually loaded into trucks and are brutally slaughtered including all Dairy cows and hens. Free-range & Organic animal products are highly profitable because they can charge a lot more for the "product," and consumers are willing to pay that price in order to fell guilt free without eliminating the animal products. This allows the animal exploiters to put even more money back into advertising which increases sales which ultimately increases the number of animals bred, abused, and killed.

Basic Biology

Cows still must be impregnated, their babies are still stolen from them and either slaughtered or kept separately to REPLACE their spent and slaughtered mothers. For any and all types of egg production, including backyard operations, ALL baby roosters are still killed at the hatcheries, the hens are often still de-beaked, force molted and slaughtered at 1 to 4 years old when their battered and overworked bodies can no-longer lay enough eggs to be "economically productive."

The pigs, chickens, and cattle killed for their flesh are still taken from their mothers, still forced to endure a terrifying trip to the slaughterhouse and, of course, violently murdered. These meats, eggs and dairy products are the bodies and bodily secretions of sentient beings who are enslaved and killed. If it were dogs or cats forced to endure the same circumstances to satisfy people's appetites, there is no way the public would believe these products could be promoted or labeled as "humane."

Please don't be fooled by the deceptive and manipulative marketing ploys of the bloody handed producers. The blood of the animals is not only on the hands of the producers, but also on the hands of the consumers who pay them to abuse, kill and neatly package the body parts. The fact that each and every one of us has full and immediate access to the most effective way of reducing the greatest amount of suffering in the world is cause for celebration.

Choosing vegan products has never been easier and has always been the only truly humane and compassionate choice.

Free Range - Slobodni uzgoj - source: http://advocacy.britannica.com/blog/advocacy



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