06/06/07 Socialize to Find a Home

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Animal Friends in collaboration with the Shelter for Abandoned Animals of the City Zagreb - Dumovec starts the project "Socialize to Find a Home"

- Animal Friends and the Shelter for Abandoned Animals of the City Zagreb launch a project for socialization of five adult dogs

On June 6, at 1 P.M. the dog trainer Barbara Luter will take over the dogs with which she will perform socialization and obedience training in her own home. The project's aim is to enable a quality adoption disregarding the age, gender, outwards appearance or behaviour of a dog. "Actually, it is far more difficult to find a good adopter for an adult abandoned dog, which is why I will train them. Through this socialization training I want to make them attractive for the possible adopter," asserts Barbara Luter.

The second project's aim is to give qualified potential adopters the opportunity to adopt a dog that is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, chipped and socialized. This is especially attractive for those who have not enough time to raise a puppy, which can require a lot of energy, time and money.

The dogs will go through the following trainings: socialization, basic obedience training, adaptation to live in a house/apartment, adaptation to conditions of behavior during city walks and adaptation to car-rides.

The Project "Socialize to Find a Home" will last three months and the interested citizens already now are invited to choose which dog they want to adopt and to accompany her/him through the socialization training, where after the dog can be adopted. At the moment we are talking about a pilot project, which will become a permanent action if we get positive response from the citizens, in other words - if we manage to find homes that meet the required needs and where the dogs will be safe and loved.

Animal Friends will be tabling on Saturdays on the corner of Varsavska ulica and Petar Preradovic Square, where interested citizens can receive more information on the development of the pilot project.

We invite those interested in this issue to come to the Shelter for Abandoned Animals of the City Zagreb in Franjceviceva ulica 43 in Dumovec, on June 6 at 1 P.M. to have a look at this project, and in this way support this noble aim to find homes for abandoned and lonely dogs.

Head of this project is Agneza Lesdedaj, Barbara Luter trains the dogs, assistant trainer is Jelena Seric. The project "Socialize to Find a Home" is supported by the City Department for Agriculture and Forestry.

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