02/03/07 Loudly For Croatia Without Fur

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Animal Friends continues the campaign "For Croatia without Fur" and invite to a protest: LOUDLY FOR CROATIA WITHOUT FUR

As part of the national campaign "For Croatia without Fur," which started with the "Beautiful without Fur" billboards, Animal Friends announces a third in a row big protest against fur!

The loud protest march will start on February 3, 2007 at 11 A.M. in front of the Croatian National Theatre. The route will be Frankopanska ulica and Ilica, while at 12 noon the protest march will come to the main Zagreb square, where the protest will culminate.

On the Ban Jelacic Square protesters will be met by Croatian celebrities, which will that way give support to the campaign "For Croatia without Fur." Their arrival on Ban Jelacic Square at 12 noon with numerous citizens announced Fani Stipkovic, Lana Klingor, Ivana Radovnikovic, Maja Vucic, Igor Hajdarhozdic, Tatjana Juric, Ella Dvornik, Robert Boskovic, Marija Strajh, Ines Bojanic, Minea, musicians from Hakuna Matata band...

Animals in the wild are caught in leghold traps in which they suffer and die in agony. The biggest number of animals which are killed for their fur are ranch-raised and being killed by millions after they spent their lives in tiny cages.

Promotion, selling and wearing of fur garments should be condemned. Therefore Animal Friends invites all citizens, celebrities and Croatian media to condemn cruelty and the killing of animals for their fur and publicly support this campaign and be as loud as possible in creating a Croatia without fur.

Performance "Creating Eve" as support to the campaign

EkS-scena also supports the "For Croatia without Fur" campaign with a benefit performance called "Creating Eve" by the co-author of the initiative OOUR. The performance will be realized in cooperation with the Student Center's "Kultura promjene," on Monday, February 5, 2007, in the ITD Theatre, Savska cesta 25, at 8 P.M. The gains of the sold tickets will be donated as a support to the "For Croatia without Fur" campaign.

Protest in Ljubljana

Breeding, hunt and killing of animals for their fur is not only a Croatian but an international issue. Out of this reason Animal Friends organizes a bus to the international protest against breeding of animals for fur in Slovenia, Ljubljana, February 17, 2007.

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