11/15/05 Festival of the New Circus

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Along with the ban of circuses with animal acts in Croatian towns, Animal Friends wishes to voice their support to the Festival of the New Circus

The increase in the ethical awareness of citizens regarding the suffering of animals in circuses has had its impact on the decisions of city councils in ten Croatian towns, which have so far prohibited performances of circuses featuring animals. While we are expecting other cities to follow their example and ban circuses with animal acts, Croatia and Zagreb already have their festival of circuses rejecting animal acts.

Animal Friends therefore wishes to invite you to the press conference related to the ban of circuses using animal acts in Croatian towns and the presentation of the Festival of the New Circus, which will take place at 12:00 noon on November 15, 2005, at the Bogdan Ogrizovic library, Preradoviceva ulica 5.

The conference will feature Ivan Kralj (manager of the Festival of the New Circus), Rudolf Klennert (mayor of Mursko Sredisce), Tonino Picula (mayor of Velika Gorica), Maja Vucic (singer and TV host show), Igor Hajdarhodzic (actor), and Luka Oman (president of Animal Friends).

The Festival of the New Circus is taking place from November 10-18. It is the first circus/theatre festival in this part of Europe and it features high-quality shows from Finland, France, and Great Britain, as well as Croatian production. It also includes a workshop of circus and comic-book drawing, as well as parties and films. The festival is organized by the non-profit association Mala performerska scena, in cooperation with the Culture Department of Zagreb and the Tourist Office.

The significance of this festival lies in the fact that it introduces shows of high production and aesthetics, relevant for the new circus, in an international context, thereby showing that Croatia needs an entertaining and cultural circus, which will show civilized performances without animal suffering.

Interested citizens are also invited to this press conference. Info materials about circuses with animal acts will be available on CDs, DVDs and the press material.

In Croatia, circuses with animal acts so far have banned in Mursko Sredisce, October 10, Varazdin, October 21, Donji Miholjac, October 26, Rovinj and Velika Gorica, October 27, Split, October 28, Delnice and Gospic, November 2, Cakovec, November 7, and Ozalj, November 11, 2005.

Charles Patterson, Ph. D. and historian, moved by the recent bans of circuses with animal acts in Croatia, will give a copy of his book Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust to the mayors of the towns that banned circuses with animal acts.

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